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Subject: How Does Tourism Impact Costa Rica’s Population
(Posted on Nov 18, 2013 at 10:52AM )

los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica is a country driven by tourism. This is proven in its economy, its conservationism and even its population.

According to World Bank, 4.805 million individuals live in Costa Rica throughout the year, with over half of these citizens found in the San Jose region. As the seasons change, however, a strong influx of long-term guests arrive in Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio. These tourists increase the total number of residents by over 1 million, drastically impacting every aspect of daily life.

Travel bolsters the Central Pacific, with long-term vacationers fueling resorts, charter services, tours and more. It’s because of them that the country continues to grow and excel.

Learn more about Costa Rica's population here.
Subject: Analysts Predict Industry Growth Based On Costa Rica Tourism
(Posted on Nov 10, 2013 at 09:55AM )

los suenos costa ricaA steady arrival of tourists promises a massive economic growth in Costa Rica.

According to Fast Market Research, an online analytics and marketing firm, Costa Rica will soon seen a wealth of new hotels and restaurants, with both industries generating up to $1.74 billion by 2017.

This is a marked rise from the $1.71 billion forecasted for 2013, with Fast Market Research anticipating new establishments throughout the Central Pacific and a continued increase of tourists.

Costa Rica is on the global rise, with its economy stabilized by lodgings, vendors and adventure services.

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Subject: Costa Rica Tourists Experience Low Cost Lodgings
(Posted on Nov 9, 2013 at 11:59AM )

los suenos costa ricaExceptional comfort comes with an exceptional price. This is the sad truth of vacationing. Travelers wanting five-star experiences for two-star budgets find themselves disappointed again and again - unless they visit Costa Rica.

According to Raveable, the average lodging rate in the Central Pacific is $139.81 per night. This encompasses hotels, condominiums, private villas and other upscale options, with most rooms priced efficiently. Alternative lodgings, such as hostels, offer even greater savings. The average rate is $12.00 per night.

Guests can now discover the right accommodations without having to deplete their bank accounts. Embracing the coastal lifestyle has never been easier or more affordable.

Discover endless possibilities in Costa Rica.

los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica has forever held a strong appeal for Canadian travelers, offering them relief from long winters and gray cityscapes. Thousands of flights are booked every year, with over five percent of the country’s total visitors arriving from Vancouver, Toronto and other areas.

A recent airline addition now seeks to increase those statistics by making border crossing even more convenient.

Canada rouge now offers non-stop flights to Costa Rica, connecting directly to the San Jose International Airport and the Daniel Oduber International Airport. This allows North American guests to more easily access the country’s exquisite rental properties and coastal adventures without the expected delays or complications. 

The arrival of Canada rouge enables travelers to streamline the vacation process, reaching their destinations quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. The advantages are many, and the results are unforgettable trips.

los suenos costa ricaTourism is on the rise in Costa Rica. Every season brings travelers from across the globe, stimulating the local population and creating new opportunities.

Within the last decade the country’s economy has flourished. Vendors have adapted to the eco-trend and a wave of charter services, adventure tours and conservation programs has begun.

Lodgings have also increased.

According to Raveable, the Central Pacific region now boasts almost 1,000 individual hotels. This number reflects the area’s growing popularity and the overall impact of tourism. Through a steady guest presence, new hostels, hotels and rental homes now dot the coast, providing jobs and generating income. It bolsters Costa Rica and provides hope for the future.

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los suenos costa ricaAs of 2012 there are an estimated 13.1 million hotel and condo rooms available on the worldwide market.

According to Raveable, an international ranking firm specializing in airlines and lodgings, the rooms in Costa Rica are among the best.

The country, which is already famed for its spectacular scenery and deep sea sports, recently received a 4.2 out of 5 ranking for its lodgings. This number is determined by the quality of rooms, the amount of provided services, the adherence to health and safety standards, overall guest comfort and other factors. Achieving such a high score reflects how Costa Rica has embraced tourism. 

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los suenos costa ricaRepeat tourism is a driving force of Costa Rica’s economy.

According to the National Institute of Tourism, 41% of the country’s annual two million guests have crossed the border more than once. An 8.5 visit average was estimated in 2012 alone.

This is an impressive number, proving that Costa Rica’s appeal is enduring. Travelers are returning again and again to the Central Pacific, taking advantage of its stunning properties, exhilarating adventures and coastal fun. This stimulates the economy and helps to stabilize local vendors and services - even when the population declines during the rainy season.

Repeat tourism will sustain Costa Rica for years to come.
Subject: Costa Rica Shows Steady Tourism Growth Since 2003
(Posted on Nov 3, 2013 at 07:11AM )

los suenos costa ricaSince 2003 Costa Rica has experienced a steady arrival of tourists. Individuals from across the globe are seeking out the country’s rich collection of coral reefs, freshwater canals and white sand coasts. 

According to the National Institute of Tourism, the Central Pacific has witnessed a strong increase of worldwide awareness and population shifts.

  • 2003 - 1,238,692

  • 2004 - 1,437,098

  • 2005 - 1,679,000

  • 2006 - 1,725,261

  • 2007 - Numbers Unavailable

  • 2008 - Numbers Unavailable

  • 2009 - 1,922,576

  • 2010 - 2,100,000

  • 2011 - 2,197,565

  • 2012 - 2,200,000

As the years progress, Costa Rica shows exceptional stability. Visit today to discover what millions already have. Book an exclusive Los Suenos property, charter a Pacific ship and set out on a series of whirlwind adventures!

los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica is famed for its relaxed atmosphere and cheerful locals. The Central Pacific region inspires thoughts of sun, sand and summer nights.

It’s easy to assume that travelers arriving to this country are as equally carefree. According to the National Institute of Tourism, however, they are instead highly-motivated and highly-educated.

Of the two million tourists visiting Costa Rica:

82% pursued some secondary education.
45.8% obtained master’s or magister degrees.
5.8% obtained doctorates.

The majority of tourists entering Costa Rica have received some form of higher education, bolstering both the seasonal and permanent populations with dynamic and ambitious individuls.  

Experience what students and professionals already have. Book a Los Suenos rental, discover outdoor adventures and explore the Pacific today!

los suenos costa ricaCanadians are chasing after the sun. 

According to the National Institute of Tourism, 5.9% of the 2 million travelers entering Costa Rica are from Canada. That’s an impressive number. It’s also one that extends across the entire country.

Of the approximately 120,000 Canadian visitors to the Central Pacific:

17% are from Quebec.
34% are from Ontario.
20% are from British Columbia.
12% are from Alberta.

17% are from Nova Scotia.

Throughout Canada a trend is emerging - one of Los Suenos villas, adventure tours and deep sea explorations. See what awaits in Costa Rica!
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