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los suenos costa ricaTucked along the western curve of Costa Rica is the Puntarenas Province, more commonly called the Central Pacific.

This lush stretch of land spans almost 12,000 square kilometers and features some of the country’s most iconic scenery - including Manuel Antonio National Park, Jaco Beach, Monteverde and Montezuma. It is the largest province in Costa Rica and is a center of eco-tourism and deep sea trade.

Those in the Los Suenos area will find themselves clinging to the Puntarenas coast, following white sand from Esparza to Corredores. Expect endless outdoor activites and resort amenities.

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Subject: How Does Tourism Impact Costa Rica’s Population
(Posted on Nov 18, 2013 at 10:52AM )

los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica is a country driven by tourism. This is proven in its economy, its conservationism and even its population.

According to World Bank, 4.805 million individuals live in Costa Rica throughout the year, with over half of these citizens found in the San Jose region. As the seasons change, however, a strong influx of long-term guests arrive in Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio. These tourists increase the total number of residents by over 1 million, drastically impacting every aspect of daily life.

Travel bolsters the Central Pacific, with long-term vacationers fueling resorts, charter services, tours and more. It’s because of them that the country continues to grow and excel.

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los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica is recognized for its geography. Within its borders are inlets, volcanoes, coral reefs and canals. It plays host to 5% of the world’s total bio-diversity, and millions of tourists arrive each year to sample its stunning scenery.

How is it possible for this tiny country to maintain such lush landscapes? Simply explained, Costa Rica embraces the green philosophy.

Within recent years the Central Pacific has become a center of environmentalism. Over 25% of the country is protected, with countless sanctuaries, preserves and national parks constructed. Extensive laws limit deforestation, and government officials provide incentive programs to cities, towns and citizens alike - encouraging jungle management instead of farming or logging.

These policies now combine for country-wide conservation and undeniable beauty.

Discover all that Costa Rica has to offer. Visit the Los Suenos area today for deep sea wonders and rainforest adventures.

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los suenos costa ricaTravelers often fumble with foreign phrases. Unfamiliar words and overly emphasized vowels can shift the meanings of even the simplest sentences.

This is a cause of concern for many visiting Costa Rica, where a vast collection of indigenous languages - including Bribri, Maleku and Boruca - can seem impossible to learn.

The Central Pacific offers more than variations of Spanish, however. Instead tourists will discover strong global influences.

Thoughout Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio, guests will be greeted with many dialects. English is the second most common language, reflecting the steady arrival of Canadian and U.S. travelers. Expect German, Italian and French to prove the country’s European popularity as well. Versions of Creole are also found, adding Caribbean flavor.

Traveling along the Pacific coast is no longer a challenge. Diverse languages and cultures allow tourists to instead assimilate with ease.

los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica is famed for its bio-diversity. Its population, however, proves just as dynamic.

Travelers arriving to the Central Pacific will be greeted by a vast collection of cultures and nationalities. According to the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (more commonly called DESA), the demographics of Costa Rica are:

  • Castizo (pure Hispanic): 65.80%
  • Mestizo (European or Amerindian descent): 13.65%
  • Mulato (African or Native American descent): 6.72%
  • African-Caribbean: 1.03%
  • Amerindian: 2.41%
  • Asian: 0.21%
  • Immigrant (specifically reflecting North America, Colombia, Panama or Nicaragua): 9.03%
  • Other: 1.15%

Costa Rica is a cultural mecca, with individuals from across the globe flocking to its Pacific coast and thrilling landscapes. Discover a population that is ever-changing and ever-important.

los suenos costa ricaNestled along the Pacific Ocean is a tiny country, one that claims a mere 0.3% of the world’s total mass.

Size truly doesn’t matter, however, because that same country hosts over 5% of the world’s total bio-diversity.

Costa Rica is shaped by diverse terrains and creatures. Its unique location - posed along the equator, flanked by two seas and lush borders - allows it to flourish. Within it travelers will discover a stunning array of mammals, reptiles, plants and more.

According to the National Institute of Tourism, Costa Rica boasts:

  • 130 species of freshwater fish  
  • 160 species of amphibians   
  • 208 species of mammals   
  • 220 species of reptiles   
  • 850 species of birds  
  • 1,000 species of butterflies  
  • 1,200 varieties of orchids  
  • 9,000 species of plants  
  • 34,000 species of insects

This incredible collection is ever-growing, with new species found in the Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio regions annually. Discover natural wonders along the coast. Visit the Central Pacific today!
Subject: How Does Costa Rican Currency Impact Tourists?
(Posted on Nov 12, 2013 at 11:38AM )

los suenos costa ricaTravelers wishing to explore Costa Rica’s white sand shores may find themselves concerned about more than charter ships or coral reefs. Instead they may fret over money, worried that their dollars and euros will not be accepted in the Central Pacific.

These worries are unfounded.

Due to Costa Rica’s recent tourism boom, North American and European currencies are now commonly recognized. Local vendors throughout the Los Suenos and Jaco areas will freely exchange their own colónes (aluminum coated coins) for international bills. Many towns even post prices in U.S. dollars to adapt to the population shifts each season.

This proves essential for travelers, allowing them to frequent the shops, restaurants and adventure services they want without fearing money ratios.

Discover the Central Pacific without leaving your pocket-book behind. 

Click here to keep aware of all current exchange rates and calculate the cost of every Los Suenos vacation.

los suenos costa ricaTucked between the Pacific and Caribbean seas is Costa Rica.

This country - with its freshwater canals, coral coastlines and dense forests - boasts a unique geographic profile.

To its north is Nicaragua and the border is shaped by lush mountains and volcanic soil. To its south is Panama, with white sand beaches and rocky trails. And scattered in between are tiny isles and inlets, carved into the Pacific and Caribbean coastlines and offering unspoiled beauty.

This Central American country, comprised of only 50,660 square miles, is easy to miss on a map. Its striking landscapes, however, make it impossible to deny.

Discover all that Costa Rica has to offer. Venture to Los Suenos, Jaco and beyond to seek out coastal adventures.
Subject: Analysts Predict Industry Growth Based On Costa Rica Tourism
(Posted on Nov 10, 2013 at 09:55AM )

los suenos costa ricaA steady arrival of tourists promises a massive economic growth in Costa Rica.

According to Fast Market Research, an online analytics and marketing firm, Costa Rica will soon seen a wealth of new hotels and restaurants, with both industries generating up to $1.74 billion by 2017.

This is a marked rise from the $1.71 billion forecasted for 2013, with Fast Market Research anticipating new establishments throughout the Central Pacific and a continued increase of tourists.

Costa Rica is on the global rise, with its economy stabilized by lodgings, vendors and adventure services.

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Subject: Costa Rica Tourists Experience Low Cost Lodgings
(Posted on Nov 9, 2013 at 11:59AM )

los suenos costa ricaExceptional comfort comes with an exceptional price. This is the sad truth of vacationing. Travelers wanting five-star experiences for two-star budgets find themselves disappointed again and again - unless they visit Costa Rica.

According to Raveable, the average lodging rate in the Central Pacific is $139.81 per night. This encompasses hotels, condominiums, private villas and other upscale options, with most rooms priced efficiently. Alternative lodgings, such as hostels, offer even greater savings. The average rate is $12.00 per night.

Guests can now discover the right accommodations without having to deplete their bank accounts. Embracing the coastal lifestyle has never been easier or more affordable.

Discover endless possibilities in Costa Rica.
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