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Subject: Are Private Shuttles Available In Costa Rica?
(Posted on Feb 3, 2014 at 02:29PM )

costa rica shuttle busNavigating an unfamiliar country can often prove difficult. Travelers find themselves confused by unmarked roads, split paths and directions offered in a language they simply don’t understand.

Those visiting Costa Rica, however, can take spare themselves these complications. Use a private shuttle service.

Shuttle services are available throughout the Central Pacific. Areas like Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio offer guests private buses or cars, allowing them to schedule pick-ups and departures with ease. These prove useful for travelers, giving them access to experienced drivers and scenic routes. Contact local resorts, hotels or even hostels to learn more.

Private shuttles, it should be noted, are more expensive than traditional cabs or water taxis. They must also be scheduled in advanced. Reservations should be made at least two weeks before arriving. 

Those wanting to simply enjoy the Costa Rican landscape, instead of struggling with its roadways, should consider this service. It offers undeniable advantages and guaranteed relaxation.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about shuttle services. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.
Subject: Are Pets Allowed On Public Transportation In Costa Rica?
(Posted on Feb 2, 2014 at 05:20PM )

traveling with pets costa ricaCosta Rica embraces the animal kingdom, boasting over 500,000 unique species of mammals, reptiles, insects and more.

That love of nature does not extend to public transportation or domesticated pets, however.

Travelers bringing their four-legged family members to Costa Rica (specifically areas like Los Suenos, Jaco or Manuel Antonio) should not expect to board public buses, water taxis or shuttles. Due to concerns of health and safety, these vehicles remain off-limits to pets. The only exceptions are service animals and proper documentation will be requested during these situations.

Those visiting the Central Pacific should rely on rental cars or cabs to transport their pets. Local hotels and resorts can schedule pick-ups if needed, or travelers can choose to drive themselves. Be aware that some agencies may require pet deposits and these rates will vary by animal size, weight and type.

Costa Rica proves an ideal option for pets - just not for driving with them.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.

costa rica road conditionsCosta Rica’s wild landscapes attract travelers from across the world.

They also, however, prove frustrating to drive across.

Costa Rica’s roads often suffer from poor conditions. They wind through rugged terrains, defined by rising altitudes and quick twists. In many areas they even transform into dirt paths, without signs or reflective paint (which makes night driving dangerous for those unfamiliar with the territory). Tourists may often find themselves hesitating to rev their engines. 

In the Central Pacific - towns like Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio - the roads are, mostly, manageable. A four-wheel drive vehicle can easily navigate them, and there are clearly marked routes. It’s recommended, however, to utilize GPS systems while trekking through these areas to avoid taking a wrong turn. Have access to spare tires as well in case the bumpy conditions cause problems.

Travelers should exercise caution when traveling in Costa Rica. If they are uncomfortable with driving in less than ideal circumstances, they should take advantage of resort rental agencies or shuttle services. These will prove convenient while exploring the country.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.

costa rica geographyA Costa Rica vacation offers more than adventure tours and charming cityscapes. Instead it allows travelers to experience one of the world’s most dynamic ecosystems.

Map the terrain of the Central Pacific and explore a collection of rain-forests, volcanoes, coral reefs, wetlands, plateaus and more. Costa Rica is a country defined by shifting altitudes, rising to a staggering 12,530 feet above sea level at its highest point (Cerro Chirpio) and sinking to 790 below sea level at its lowest (the caves at Barra Honda). And few areas better capture these geographical differences than Los Suenos, Manuel Antonio and Jaco.

Within these three towns travelers can sample Costa Rica’s unique geography. Experience high mountains and soggy-bottomed flatlands. Sail along golden beaches and then trek through dark volcanic soil. Los Suenos, Manuel Antonio and Jaco are framed between the Pacific Ocean and ever-growing estuaries. They each feature definitive views of the country and its attractions.

Costa Rica’s geography is unlike any other in the world. The differences in altitudes and topography brand it utterly unique and utterly unforgettable.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.

sun burn costa ricaTravelers crave the sun. They flock to Costa Rica, seeking warm temperatures and gold-drenched shores. They find them with ease - and sometimes suffer for it.

Sun damage, including burns or strokes, is common in the Central Pacific. Areas like Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio boast open miles and steady heat. This can easily cause complications for tourists, especially those who are unprepared.

Fight back against rising temperatures. Bring SPF-infused lotions on every outing and apply them liberally. Use a wide-brimmed hat to create shade, and drink water throughout the day.

Refusing to do these things can result in severe sun burns, spotting, peeling or even dehydration. Any of these symptoms can ruin a family vacation or sport fishing tour. Plan ahead, therefore, and protect skin against the sun.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation for other travel tips. Ask us also about our accommodations or charter tours.
Subject: What Is The Yellow Fever Certificate In Costa Rica?
(Posted on Jan 29, 2014 at 02:58PM )

yellow fever immunization costa ricaYellow Fever has been eradicated from Costa Rica. This was no easy feat. The disease - which targets the body with a series of debilitating symptoms and hemorrhages - thrives in tropical climates and it’s transmitted through mosquitoes, which breed in high numbers along the Central Pacific.

Through intense medical efforts, however, the disease has been contained and travelers no longer need to fear it. They can instead move freely throughout Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio - as long as they haven’t been in countries where yellow fever is still rampant.

Globe-trotters will have to prove their health before entering Costa Rica. If they’ve visited any of the following countries a yellow-fever immunization certificate will be required: Angola, Benin, Bolivia, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, French Guyana, Gabon, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Peru, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Venezuela.

These countries experience yellow fever outbreaks annually. Costa Rica will not, therefore, allow travelers from these locations to cross the border if they haven’t been properly immunized. The risk is too great.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn if a vaccination certificate is needed. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.
Subject: What Are Costa Rica’s Customs Regulations?
(Posted on Jan 28, 2014 at 03:08PM )

costa rica customs regulationsFew vacations end without souvenirs. Travelers want to bring a little of the Central Pacific - areas like Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio - home with them and they collect an impressive array of trinkets.

These items must all be declared at Costa Rica’s Customs Department, however, before they can be taken from the country.

All luggage, whether personal or professional, is subject to a Customs search. If this search yields any of the following items a fee will be owed:

Food (including fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy products)
Medical items (such as vaccinations or prescriptions)
Biological items (plants, animals or their by-products)
Electronic equipment (televisions, computers, digital cameras and more)
Media items (books, newspapers, films and similar objects)

Costa Rica adheres to strict customs regulations. Travelers should expect to pay fees for their souvenirs and should arrive early to the airport in case any complications arise. Major credit cards are accepted to cover all charges.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about customs. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.
Subject: What Are The Main Attractions In Manuel Antonio?
(Posted on Jan 27, 2014 at 03:19PM )

manuel antonio costa rica things to doManuel Antonio is a vibrant seaside town, famed for its exceptional beauty and friendly locals. It’s a favorite of families and fishermen, effortlessly immersing them in the Central Pacific.

Those craving adventure, however, will find themselves equally thrilled. Manuel Antonio’s top attractions offer exciting outdoor opportunities for everyone.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This namesake park boasts almost eight square miles of rain-forest trails and rocky coves. Upon entering guests will discover hiking, snorkeling, diving, parasailing, horseback riding and more. It is the premier Costa Rica experience.

MidWorld Adventure Park

Tucked inside Manuel Antonio National Park is MidWorld. This unique attraction offers canopy zip-lines, rope courses, ATV tours and more. It features high speeds and all-day fun.

Damas Island

Damas Island is settled just beyond Manuel Antonio, a small collection of mangrove canals and estuaries. Guests can kayak and canoe within it, as well as experience close encounters with crocodiles.

The Naranjo River

The Naranjo River weaves through the heart of Manuel Antonio, offering guests Class V rapids and challenging turns. This white water option will impress even the most experienced rafter.

Manuel Antonio features some of the Central Pacific’s best attractions. Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about them, as well as to reserve accommodations, charter tours and more.

jaco costa rica things to doJaco is famed for its high breaks and exceptional coastline. This tiny seaside town delivers more than surfing, however. Instead it offers attractions for thrill-seekers and eco-tourists alike.

Carara National Park

Hike through beautiful Carara National Park. Located minutes from Jaco, this rain-forest is a 20 square mile sprawl of rare birds and plants. It proves ideal for travelers of all ages, offering hiking, boating, archeological sites and more.

The Savegre River

Travel from Jaco’s pristine shore and discover the Savegre River. This Class IV option delivers exciting rapids and spectacular scenery, weaving guests through the heart of the Central Pacific.

Downtown Jaco

After a day of sport fishing and canopy tours, travelers can discover a new kind of adventure: Jaco’s bustling downtown. Delight in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and more. Become immersed in Costa Rican cultures.

Jaco is the ultimate summer destination, offering tours and activities for every traveler.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about this locale. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.

los suenos resort and marina costa ricaLos Suenos is the center of Costa Rican travel. This lush region proves irresistible to eco-tourists, sport fishermen and families alike, offering them exceptional scenery and exciting outdoor fun. It’s the premier destination in the Pacific.

Some travelers, however, may question the appeal of a resort location. It shouldn’t, after all, offer an authentic Costa Rica experience.

Los Suenos, however, embraces its unique geography, providing some truly unforgettable attractions:

The Marina

As the only government sanctioned option of its kind, this 200-slip marina impresses even the most dedicated fishermen. Discover access to world-class charter ships, top-shelf tackle and an ocean brimming with Marlins, Groupers, Wahoos and more.

La Iguana Golf Course

La Iguana is a championship course noted for its rain-forest setting and challenging lanes. Avid golfers will spend their days trying to conquer it.

The Beach Club

The Beach Club offers guests private access to exquisite Herradura Beach, allowing them to sample snorkeling, diving, swimming and more. Charter cruises often depart from this point as well, sailing to nearby Tortuga Island or Damas Island.

The Marina Village

Experience the best that Costa Rica has to offer at the Marina Village. This series of shops and restaurants immerses guests in Central Pacific culture, offering local goods and flavors.

Los Suenos is the ultimate summer retreat. Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more. Ask us also about our accommodations, family packages and special promotions.
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