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los suenos costa ricaTravelers often fumble with foreign phrases. Unfamiliar words and overly emphasized vowels can shift the meanings of even the simplest sentences.

This is a cause of concern for many visiting Costa Rica, where a vast collection of indigenous languages - including Bribri, Maleku and Boruca - can seem impossible to learn.

The Central Pacific offers more than variations of Spanish, however. Instead tourists will discover strong global influences.

Thoughout Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio, guests will be greeted with many dialects. English is the second most common language, reflecting the steady arrival of Canadian and U.S. travelers. Expect German, Italian and French to prove the country’s European popularity as well. Versions of Creole are also found, adding Caribbean flavor.

Traveling along the Pacific coast is no longer a challenge. Diverse languages and cultures allow tourists to instead assimilate with ease.
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