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los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica is recognized for its geography. Within its borders are inlets, volcanoes, coral reefs and canals. It plays host to 5% of the world’s total bio-diversity, and millions of tourists arrive each year to sample its stunning scenery.

How is it possible for this tiny country to maintain such lush landscapes? Simply explained, Costa Rica embraces the green philosophy.

Within recent years the Central Pacific has become a center of environmentalism. Over 25% of the country is protected, with countless sanctuaries, preserves and national parks constructed. Extensive laws limit deforestation, and government officials provide incentive programs to cities, towns and citizens alike - encouraging jungle management instead of farming or logging.

These policies now combine for country-wide conservation and undeniable beauty.

Discover all that Costa Rica has to offer. Visit the Los Suenos area today for deep sea wonders and rainforest adventures.

To learn more about environmentalism in Costa Rica click here.
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