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Subject: How To Pay While Vacationing In Costa Rica
(Posted on Nov 21, 2013 at 10:32AM )

los suenos costa ricaA Costa Rica vacation sparks thoughts of unspoiled beaches and distant jungles, villages tucked far from the paved road chaos. Travelers expect a world untouched and completely secluded.

Such thoughts are perfectly reasonable, but they can lead to tourist confusion. Many travelers are uncertain about how they'll pay for all of that tranquility. 

Don't fret. Los Suenos, Jaco and other Central Pacific regions boast the same currency options found throughout the rest of the world.

Major credit cards are accepted by hotels, boutiques, upscale restaurants and rental agencies. Local services, like charter ships or adventure tours, can also receive payments from Visa, Master Card or similar options. If cash is required, ATMs or even banks will exchange international dollars for colones, the local currency. There are many ways to fund every vacation.

Costa Rica is a country unlike any other. It's not without modern payment methods, though. Expect easy conversions and convenient charges.

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