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Subject: How To Extend A Costa Rica Tourist Visa
(Posted on Nov 24, 2013 at 10:17AM )

los suenos costa ricaA Costa Rica tourist visa gives travelers 90 days to explore the many rain-forests, canals and volcanoes. It grants unlimited access to the Central Pacific, allowing guests to live as locals.

Once the 90 days come to an end, however, those guests will be forced to leave - unless they get visa extensions.

A visa extension allows travelers to remain in Costa Rica for an indefinite period of time. They’re not easy to obtain, however. Each one is reviewed individually, with a series of rigorous standards applied. According to the National Board of Tourism, approved visas fall under special circumstances, such as medical, educational or professional.

To receive one it is strongly recommended that tourists seek out the Costa Rican embassy. There they will be offered a full list of rules and regulations. This is the best way to secure an extension and remain in the Los Suenos or Jaco regions.

Those wishing to sample the Pacific lifestyle will require a visa. Learn more about the application process here.
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