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Subject: What Is Costa Rica’a Time Zone
(Posted on Nov 29, 2013 at 08:59AM )

los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica often proves itself to be a country without equal. Its diverse landscapes and even more diverse citizens - with Hispanic, North American, European, African, Caribbean and other cultures all blending together - mark it as unique.

Those visiting the Central Pacific will quickly discover yet another unexpected trait, though. Costa Rica is a country with two time zones.

During winter months, the areas of Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio observe Central Time (or a -6 on the GMT scale). During summer months, however, the country shifts to Mountain Time (or -7 on the GMT scale).

How is this possible?

Costa Rica doesn't celebrate Daylight Savings Time. This is because the length of its days varies by only half an hour between seasons. There is no dramatic loss of sunlight or darkness. The days instead remain consistent, and Costa Rica sways between two distinct time zones as a result.

Remember this when planning a vacation and book all charters and adventure tours appropriately.
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