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Subject: What Are Sodas In Costa Rica?
(Posted on Dec 10, 2013 at 11:03AM )

los suenos costa ricaThe language barrier is never easy to overcome. Unfamiliar words clash with mother tongues, and even simple phrases can prove challenging.

Travelers visiting the Los Suenos region may find themselves occasionally confused - especially when they request a soda and are then directed to a cafe.

A soda in Costa Rica does not refer to a beverage. It instead defines a small, family owned restaurant or bar. These establishments tend to be moderately priced, serving local delicacies like seafood, beef and torta sandwiches. They sometimes act as grocery stores as well, selling goods directly to the public.

While seeking out Los Suenos and its many activities - including deep sea fishing, diving, surfing and more - it’s recommended to remember this particular word. The soda will provide fare for budget-conscious tourists, as well as familiarize them with local dishes. It's a worthwhile dining option.

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