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los suenos costa ricaEcotourism once seemed destined to fail. The notion was inherently contrary, combining conservation with commerce. It actively encouraged travelers to visit countries and take advantage of their pristine coastlines, generating revenue through hiking, sailing, snorkeling and more. 

Many deemed it invasive. Tourists would be the undoing of parks and reserves, it was argued. The process simply wouldn’t work.

Time has proven kind to ecotourism, however, and countries throughout the world are seeing waves of environmentally-minded individuals arriving every year. Billions of dollars are stimulated and, through painstaking preservation and protection, natural wonders remain standing.

No country has reaped the rewards of ecotourism more than Costa Rica.

As of 2013, it’s estimated that 54% of all travelers visit the Central Pacific specifically for the region’s unique geography. This totals over 1 million individuals exploring Los Suenos, Jaco, Manuel Antonio and beyond.

None can deny the impact of this, with hotels, charters, restaurants and other local venues all servicing the seasonal population. Ecotourism benefits the entire country.

Become part of the green movement. Discover Costa Rica today.
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