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Subject: What Is The Average Temperature In Los Suenos?
(Posted on Dec 19, 2013 at 03:39PM )

los suenos costa ricaA vacation is defined by many things - such as proper lodgings, outdoor activities and budget-saving deals and discounts.

These details mean nothing, however, in the wake of bad weather. Endless storms and swelters can undo even the most painstakingly planned trips, and travelers too often find themselves huddling in their hotel rooms instead of enjoying world-class attractions.

That’s never a concern in Los Suenos.

This tropical region boasts an 81°F average temperature, with a humidity level that rarely drops below 85% and breezes that never disappear. The climate is hot, heady and ideal for family vacations, sport fishing trips, charter cruises or other outdoor adventures.

It should be noted that Los Suenos does experience a rainy season. From April to November there will be storms, especially toward the Manuel Antonio region. These storms tend to occur in the early morning or the late evening, however, and can be easily avoided.

Create an unforgettable vacation. Choose Los Suenos for its steady temperatures and endless activities.
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