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Subject: What Is The National Symbol Of Wildlife In Costa Rica?
(Posted on Dec 28, 2013 at 11:14AM )

los suenos costa ricaEvery year travelers settle along the Central Pacific coast, delighting in the endless parade of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish that passes by. The region is brimming with wildlife, hosting a delicate ecosystem that has no equal.

How can the country choose only one animal, therefore, to be its national symbol?

It wasn’t easy - but in 1995 the White Tailed Deer became the wildlife representative of Costa Rica.

The White Tailed Deer is a large creature, with a striking red coat and spiked antlers. Its massive hoofs allow it to effortlessly scale the diverse terrain, and its signature white tail serves as a way to alert the herd when danger is near. It’s a powerful and graceful animal.

Those visiting Los Suenos - whether for sport fishing or family adventures - should try to catch a peek of the White Tailed Deer. They’re found deep within the rain-forest or along the mountain reserves.

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