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pets traveling to los suenos costa ricaA family vacation isn’t complete without the entire family, which is why many travelers let their pets tag along for every adventure. Dogs and cats make ideal companions for every rain-forest hike or coastal cruise.

Trying to enter a foreign country with an animal can prove difficult, however. There are strict health codes and safety regulations, and tourists must follow them carefully. All pets must be properly vaccinated and examined, and extensive documentation is needed.

When visiting Costa Rica - in areas like Los Suenos, Jaco or Manuel Antonio - all animals must be screened and treated for the following illnesses:


Have a licensed veterinarian conduct the necessary shots, and be certain to have all tests completed up to two weeks before entering the country. Be prepared to present paperwork at both local airlines and at Costa Rica facilities, and obtain permission from hotels or resorts before bringing an animal inside.

Traveling with a pet is possible. It’s simply difficult. Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn how to streamline the process. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter cruises and special promotions.
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