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drink water in costa ricaThere is one question that haunts every traveler: is the water safe to drink in foreign countries?

No matter what the destination tourists fear the tap, certain that it houses endless microbes and bacteria.

That fear is unfounded in Costa Rica.

Those traveling to the Central Pacific - areas like Los Suenos, Jaco or Manuel Antonio - will find themselves able to drink as much as they please. These resort towns are perfectly safe, and the overall water quality is strong. It should cause no problems.

Those still hesitant to drink from the tap, however, can easily find other options. Costa Rica sodas - which are local stores and eateries - provide bottled drinks and these are not expensive.

While on a sport fishing trip or family vacation feel free to drink the Central Pacific’s water. Put all worries aside and simply enjoy the many activities available.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation with other water questions. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.
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