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Subject: What Should Costa Rica Tourists Do In Case Of An Emergency?
(Posted on Jan 15, 2014 at 03:08PM )

in case of emergency costa ricaEvery traveler expects a perfect vacation, one of charter tours and family fun.

Occasionally, however, those expectations are shattered by an emergency - and tourists may find themselves unaware of what to do or who to contact. They can become overwhelmed and waste precious time.

Costa Rica Vacation wants its readers to be safe while exploring the Central Pacific, which is why we now offer some important emergency information:

Dial 911

This number connects travelers directly to local police officials, many who speak English.

Dial 128

This number connects travelers to the Red Cross, which provides ambulance services throughout the entire country.

Seek Out A Clinic

Hospitals are not found in every Costa Rican town. Areas like Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio instead feature clinics or clinicas. These offer basic medical services and can also contact larger facilities if needed.

Visit A Pharmacy

Local pharmacies, or farmacias, offer a wide variety of medications - both over-the-counter and prescription. They will sell goods to individuals who offer current visas or documentation.

Remember this information while visiting Costa Rica. It can prove vital in an emergency.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about this topic. 
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