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jaco beach costa ricaJaco is famed for its high breaks and seaside charm. Travelers wanting to take advantage of the sun, sea and surf, however, may find themselves worrying about the weather. It’s impossible, after all, to enjoy a summer vacation if stormy horizons loom.

In Jaco this is rarely an issue.

The average temperature for this Costa Rica town lingers between 79 degrees and 83 degrees Fahrenheit. It boasts steady breezes and a lower humidity, creating an ideal climate for fishing, surfing or other family options.

Travelers can expect rain on the Jaco coast. From April through November the area experiences a wet season, accumulating an average of 63 inches per year. Most storms, however, occur during the early morning or late evening and can be easily planned for. They should not interfere with tours or activities.

Jaco offers some of the Central Pacific’s best weather. Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.
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