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jaco costa rica things to doJaco is famed for its high breaks and exceptional coastline. This tiny seaside town delivers more than surfing, however. Instead it offers attractions for thrill-seekers and eco-tourists alike.

Carara National Park

Hike through beautiful Carara National Park. Located minutes from Jaco, this rain-forest is a 20 square mile sprawl of rare birds and plants. It proves ideal for travelers of all ages, offering hiking, boating, archeological sites and more.

The Savegre River

Travel from Jaco’s pristine shore and discover the Savegre River. This Class IV option delivers exciting rapids and spectacular scenery, weaving guests through the heart of the Central Pacific.

Downtown Jaco

After a day of sport fishing and canopy tours, travelers can discover a new kind of adventure: Jaco’s bustling downtown. Delight in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and more. Become immersed in Costa Rican cultures.

Jaco is the ultimate summer destination, offering tours and activities for every traveler.

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