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costa rica geographyA Costa Rica vacation offers more than adventure tours and charming cityscapes. Instead it allows travelers to experience one of the world’s most dynamic ecosystems.

Map the terrain of the Central Pacific and explore a collection of rain-forests, volcanoes, coral reefs, wetlands, plateaus and more. Costa Rica is a country defined by shifting altitudes, rising to a staggering 12,530 feet above sea level at its highest point (Cerro Chirpio) and sinking to 790 below sea level at its lowest (the caves at Barra Honda). And few areas better capture these geographical differences than Los Suenos, Manuel Antonio and Jaco.

Within these three towns travelers can sample Costa Rica’s unique geography. Experience high mountains and soggy-bottomed flatlands. Sail along golden beaches and then trek through dark volcanic soil. Los Suenos, Manuel Antonio and Jaco are framed between the Pacific Ocean and ever-growing estuaries. They each feature definitive views of the country and its attractions.

Costa Rica’s geography is unlike any other in the world. The differences in altitudes and topography brand it utterly unique and utterly unforgettable.

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