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los suenos costa ricaInternational travel has never been simpler. New routes are charted every day, winding airplanes, ships and trains to even the most remote corners of the globe. Experiencing new cultures is no longer a challenge. It merely requires a passport, with individuals of all ages able to sample countries and continents beyond their own.

Costa Rica is now taking advantage of this worldwide travel frenzy. 

According to the National Institute for Tourism, it ranks 56th as the destination of choice for the global market. Many adventurers, conservationists and families are seeking out this tiny country, with an estimated 2 million guests arriving each year.

That number is undeniable. especially when coupled with the 2 billion dollars of revenue generated from tourism each year and the 18% total population growth achieved each season. Costa Rica is steadily expanding.

Become part of this vacation trend. Book a rental property. Charter a deep-sea adventure ship. Take an unforgettable tour. The possibilities are endless.
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