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Subject: How Does Costa Rican Currency Impact Tourists?
(Posted on Nov 12, 2013 at 11:38AM )

los suenos costa ricaTravelers wishing to explore Costa Rica’s white sand shores may find themselves concerned about more than charter ships or coral reefs. Instead they may fret over money, worried that their dollars and euros will not be accepted in the Central Pacific.

These worries are unfounded.

Due to Costa Rica’s recent tourism boom, North American and European currencies are now commonly recognized. Local vendors throughout the Los Suenos and Jaco areas will freely exchange their own colónes (aluminum coated coins) for international bills. Many towns even post prices in U.S. dollars to adapt to the population shifts each season.

This proves essential for travelers, allowing them to frequent the shops, restaurants and adventure services they want without fearing money ratios.

Discover the Central Pacific without leaving your pocket-book behind. 

Click here to keep aware of all current exchange rates and calculate the cost of every Los Suenos vacation.
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