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Subject: Book Los Suenos Tickets In Advance
(Posted on Dec 5, 2013 at 10:53AM )

los suenos costa ricaSaving money is a challenge.

Saving money while planning a vacation is often impossible.

Those traveling to Los Suenos, however, can find ways to spare their dollars - and their sanities - by booking tickets in advance.

According to Fare Compare, airline prices fluctuate dramatically, with each day creating new upfront costs, hidden fees and surcharges. Los Suenos tourists can overcome this, though, by booking their flights in advance. The recommended timeframe is three to four months. This is, historically, when fares are at their lowest and flexible spending is possible.

Fare Compare warns not to book any earlier than this, however. Airlines avoid incentives beyond the four month mark, and saving any substantial amount will be unlikely.

Create the perfect vacation. Book all Los Suenos flights in advance and reap the rewards.

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Subject: Avoid Airplane Surcharges When Flying To Los Suenos
(Posted on Dec 4, 2013 at 03:25PM )

los suenos costa ricaThe summer saunters up, bringing with it hot days and long nights. Travelers hurry to their closets, tugging out their suitcases and stuffing them with maps and smartphone chargers. It’s time to see the world.

It’s also time for airlines to ratchet ticket prices.

During the summer airlines will dramatically increase their prices, claiming a shortage of seats as justification for the countless fees. This greatly impacts every would-be tourist, especially those trying to get to Los Suenos, Jaco and other Costa Rican towns.

According to Fare Compare writer Rick Seaney, up to $60.00 can be applied to every passenger’s ticket, and families will quickly buckle beneath the surcharge weight.

It’s recommended, therefore, to avoid peak travel dates. Schedule a Costa Rica vacation for fall or winter, reducing overall costs and saving money for more important things - such as fishing excursions, hiking tours and zip-line adventures.

Eliminate the surcharge threat with careful planning and late-season trips.

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Subject: Cheapest Day To Buy Costa Rica Airline Tickets
(Posted on Dec 3, 2013 at 10:40AM )

los suenos costa ricaKnowing where to travel is easy.

Know when to travel, however, often proves far more complicated.

Those wanting to sample Los Suenos’ white shores must arrive there by plane, and they’ll soon find themselves scouring the Internet in an endless comparison of fares, dates and itineraries. They all want the vacation of a lifetime. They just don’t want to empty their bank accounts to get it.

They don’t have to - not if they know the cheapest days to purchase tickets.

When booking a Los Suenos trip S. Z. Berg, an editorial blogger for Yahoo!Finance, offers this suggestion: choose the weekend. Saturday and Sunday boast dramatic 5% to 10% decreases in overall prices. Special discounts and incentives are also more common. This results in considerable savings.

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Subject: Choosing The Cheapest Day For A Costa Rica Flight
(Posted on Nov 30, 2013 at 08:47AM )

los suenos costa ricaTraveling to Costa Rica is no easy feat. It’s a series of airline connections, harried flight attendants and occasional turbulence.

Those wishing to ease the burden of flying to the Central Pacific can find some relief, however, if they’re willing to schedule their trips for a Wednesday.

According to George Hobica, a syndicated travel writer for venues like Air Fare Watchdog and Fox News, the cheapest day to fly is Wednesday. This is because fewer individuals choose to travel during the mid-week, preferring Saturday or Sunday instead. This leads to lower rates and frequent discounts.

When planning a Costa Rica vacation it’s recommended to book a Wednesday flight, taking advantage of reasonable fares and less crowded cabins. Tourists can then utilize the dollars they save to secure better lodgings and charter tours.

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Subject: Where Is Costa Rica’s Tortuga Island?
(Posted on Nov 18, 2013 at 11:01AM )

los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica is famed for its lush jungles and winding canals, the long stretches of white sand and mountain basins. Not all adventures are land-locked, however. Some instead wait just beyond the Central Pacific.

Discover Tortuga Island.

This spectacular isle is found on the Nicoya Peninsula. It sits in the Pacific, a three square mile stretch of palm trees, coral reefs and vibrant vegetation. It's uninhabited, unspoiled and extremely close to Los Suenos.

Charter a cruise from the Los Suenos Resort to Tortuga Island. The trip is typically short, requiring only two hours. It leads guests along the coast, leaving Herradura Bay for the Puntarenas Province and, eventually, the Gulf of Nicoya. There they will find the island and will be free to explore its many wonders.

This is an ideal day-trip for Los Suenos guests, allowing them to experience Costa Rica's natural beauty without the expected crowds.

Book a Tortuga Island cruise today!
Subject: Costa Rica Seasons Impact Accommodations And Tours
(Posted on Oct 22, 2013 at 02:24PM )
los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica, despite what many travelers assume, is not a land of steady temperatures. It’s days aren’t always hot, and its breezes aren’t always sweet.

This lush little country is instead defined by different seasons, susceptible to fickle weather like the rest of the world. It’s important to remember this while planning a Los Suenos vacation. Be aware of changing patterns and how they will impact the availability of rental homes and tours.

High Season

The High Season in Costa Rica is from December until April. Along the Los Suenos coast the air becomes humid, while Pacific waves tend to swell. It features the hottest temperatures of the year, as well as countless reservations for condos, villas, charter tours and more. Advanced booking is recommended.

Low Season

The Low Season occurs between May and November. It’s shaped by cool temperatures and bursts of heavy rain. Around Los Suenos the forests and mountains will experience frequent storms, while the beaches will often be spared until evening. Accommodation and tour prices tend to drop dramatically during this period, due to a weaker tourist population.

Peak Season

The Peak Season meets every traveler’s expectations. It spans from late December to mid-January, providing a short collection of hot days and sultry nights. It is, historically, the most popular time for tourists to visit the country and prices shift accordingly. Be prepared to book homes and charters months in advance.

Understanding when to travel to Costa Rica is important. Book every rental home, fishing charter and adventure tour at the right time to gain the best experience.
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