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jaco costa ricaTucked along the Central Pacific coast is Jaco. This tiny town blossoms every summer, welcoming travelers to its white shores and forest-lined streets. It’s a mecca of fishing, surfing and other deep sea adventures - and it proves to be one of Costa Rica’s most exciting destinations.

Knowing how to reach it, therefore, is important for the inexperienced tourist.

Jaco is settled a mere two hours from San Jose, the country’s capital. Surrounding it are Manuel Antonio National Park (approximately 43 miles away), the Carara Biological Reserve (approximately 9 miles away) and the Los Suenos Marina (approximately 10 miles away). It is ideally situated, flanked by rivers, waterfalls and freshwater canals. This justifies the region’s popularity with fishermen and divers. Its marine life is plentiful and its charter opportunities are endless.

To reach Jaco secure proper transportation. Contact the Los Suenos Resort or Morgan’s Cove for access to rental cars or tour buses. Pay attention to local signs and be aware that road conditions will vary by season.

Jaco is can’t-miss town in a can’t-miss country.
Subject: Advantages Of Choosing A Jaco Hostel
(Posted on Nov 27, 2013 at 10:18AM )

jaco costa ricaTraveling to Jaco is no longer a series of costs and calculations. Hostels instead provide relief.

Trying to plan a five-star experience on a one-star budget? Consider visiting Jaco. This beach-town offers exciting activities - such as surfing, fishing and snorkeling - and budget-friendly lodgings. Discover the many advantages of hostel living.


Hostels are considerably less expensive than their hotel siblings. Many nightly rates fall below 10.00 U.S. dollars. They lack world-class comforts at this price but still provide basic amenities.


Hostels, especially ones found in Jaco, offer centralized locations. They’re found near the beach, shops, restaurants and other city options. This allows guests to easily access the attractions they want.

Cultural Experiences

The value of a Costa Rica vacation is cultural immersion. Jaco hostels let guests experience local customs more effectively, providing day-to-day interactions.

Create an unforgettable vacation at Jaco!
Subject: What Is A Jaco Hostel?
(Posted on Nov 26, 2013 at 10:55AM )

jaco costa ricaTraveling is defined by a series of expenses. Lodging, dining and entertainment costs all quickly accumulate, and saving even the occasional penny becomes a challenge.

Those wishing to spare themselves the horror of empty wallets will want alternatives, and hostels often prove ideal.

A hostel, simply explained, is a low-cost establishment, similar to a dormitory or boarding house. It offers efficiency rooms for single travelers, couples or even large groups. Shared bedrooms and bathrooms are common, and the decor tends to be stripped to the basics.

This doesn’t reflect a lack of comfort or safety, however. Hostels in Jaco or Los Suenos are instead perfectly suited for travelers, providing access to all of the necessities. Expect wireless Internet, laundry services, fully-equipped kitchens, storage units and more. 

Consider a hostel while traveling in Costa Rica. These options provide centralized locations, allowing guests to explore the ocean, the rain-forest and the many canals. They simply cost less than hotels.

Compare the differences today by booking a hostel!
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