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Subject: Anticipate The Rainy Season During A Los Suenos Vacation
(Posted on Nov 17, 2013 at 11:52AM )

los suenos costa ricaEverything is going according to plan.

You’ve secured the perfect Los Suenos rental home. You’ve managed to snag the last non-stop flight to Costa Rica. You’ve even reserved a variety of Central Pacific tours, all guaranteed to thrill. It’s all falling into place.

A rainy day, however, can quickly unravel your best intentions.

From May until November Costa Rica experiences heavy rainfall. Storms roll in from the coast and drench the surrounding cities, towns and resort homes. The temperatures drop and the terrain becomes slick.

This proves unfortunate for many Los Suenos activities. As the rainy season drags on, many excursions - such as ATV adventures, zip-line tours or charter trips - are cancelled. The weather is too fickle, and the guides are too unsure. The vacation of a lifetime is quickly undone.

It’s imperative, therefore, to plan ahead when booking Los Suenos tours. Remember to choose indoor alternatives. The resort offers access to spas, a casino, shopping and more, and these will prove essential during wet days.
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