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Subject: How To Get To Tortuga From Los Suenos
(Posted on Nov 20, 2013 at 10:24AM )

los suenos costa ricaBeyond the Los Suenos Resort is Tortuga. This stunning isle is among Costa Rica’s top destinations, charming guests each year with its sweeping views and natural wonders.

Those staying at Los Suenos, however, may find themselves unsure of how to reach Tortuga. It’s an hour from the resort, separated by the Gulf of Nicoya and an unfortunate lack of bridges. Some guests may be tempted to slip into their swimsuits and make a wild dash for it.

There’s no need - because Los Suenos charter ships are available.

Take an all-inclusive cruise. These excursions depart from the marina, following the Puntarenas coastline and arriving at the island within one hour. This proves to be both the most efficient way to reach Tortuga and, thanks to friendly crews and captains, the most pleasant way as well.

Be certain to reserve a Tortuga Cruise in advance. Book today!
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