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Subject: Choosing The Cheapest Day For A Costa Rica Flight
(Posted on Nov 30, 2013 at 08:47AM )

los suenos costa ricaTraveling to Costa Rica is no easy feat. It’s a series of airline connections, harried flight attendants and occasional turbulence.

Those wishing to ease the burden of flying to the Central Pacific can find some relief, however, if they’re willing to schedule their trips for a Wednesday.

According to George Hobica, a syndicated travel writer for venues like Air Fare Watchdog and Fox News, the cheapest day to fly is Wednesday. This is because fewer individuals choose to travel during the mid-week, preferring Saturday or Sunday instead. This leads to lower rates and frequent discounts.

When planning a Costa Rica vacation it’s recommended to book a Wednesday flight, taking advantage of reasonable fares and less crowded cabins. Tourists can then utilize the dollars they save to secure better lodgings and charter tours.

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