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Subject: Cheapest Day To Buy Costa Rica Airline Tickets
(Posted on Dec 3, 2013 at 10:40AM )

los suenos costa ricaKnowing where to travel is easy.

Know when to travel, however, often proves far more complicated.

Those wanting to sample Los Suenos’ white shores must arrive there by plane, and they’ll soon find themselves scouring the Internet in an endless comparison of fares, dates and itineraries. They all want the vacation of a lifetime. They just don’t want to empty their bank accounts to get it.

They don’t have to - not if they know the cheapest days to purchase tickets.

When booking a Los Suenos trip S. Z. Berg, an editorial blogger for Yahoo!Finance, offers this suggestion: choose the weekend. Saturday and Sunday boast dramatic 5% to 10% decreases in overall prices. Special discounts and incentives are also more common. This results in considerable savings.

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