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Subject: Choose The Los Suenos Durman Car Club
(Posted on Dec 19, 2013 at 03:51PM )

los suenos costa ricaVacations are precious. Why would travelers want to waste time trekking through endless acres and terrains, therefore? Why would they want to spend their days fretting about the destinations and not the journeys?

This is never a worry in Los Suenos.

The Durman Car Club, which is part of the Marriott’s Marina Village, offers an easier alternative instead.

While staying in the Central Pacific rely on the Durman Car Club for everyday driving. This option allows travelers to choose standard or deluxe golf carts, which are well suited for the sprawling 1,110 acre resort. Reach the marina, the beach club, the La Iguana golf course and more with ease.

The Durman Car Club is an ideal solution for Los Suenos tourists - families and sport fishermen alike.


Los Suenos Resort and Marina, Herradura Bay

Phone Number


Types of Vehicles

Standard golf carts and deluxe golf carts are available.


Standard golf carts: $45.00 per day.
Deluxe golf carts: $55.00 per day.


All vehicle reservations should be made at least 48 hours in advance.

Choose the Durman Car Club while in Los Suenos. Pair this with charter ships for total transportation efficiency.
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