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lanterna restaurant los suenos marina village costa ricaThe Los Suenos Resort is one of Costa Rica’s premier destinations, due in part to its cuisine. It embraces the Central Pacific’s unique profile of seafood and bold spices.

Those craving an international experience, however, will still find much to enjoy.

Visit Laterna in the Los Suenos Marriott's Marina Village.

This world-class dining option showcases Italian cuisine. Its exceptional capreses, tagliatas and carpaccios delight even the most fickle foodie. Rustic flavors and exquisite aromas define every meal, and the traditional techniques will always impress. Laterna is an unexpected addition to every sport fishing trip or family vacation.


Los Suenos Resort and Marina

Phone Number

(506) 2630-4111

Dress Code

Moderate - suit and slacks required.


Italian cuisine

Discover international dining at its finest. Visit the Los Suenos Marina Village today!

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about the Laterna restaurant. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.
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