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Subject: Choosing A Condo Or Villa In Los Suenos Costa Rica
(Posted on Oct 22, 2013 at 02:00PM )

los suenos costa ricaLos Suenos is an easy choice for travelers. It offers the adventures they crave and the comforts they demand. Nestled along the Pacific, this Costa Rican resort is a favorite of families, nature enthusiasts and sportsmen alike. 

Deciding to visit Los Suenos is simple. Deciding which accommodations to choose while vacationing there, however, may prove more challenging.

The resort offers countless rental options, with villas and condominiums tucked inside its private communities. Each has distinct advantages, which guests should be aware of before making a reservation.


Villas dot the Los Suenos resort. They boast expansive interiors, with multiple suites and luxurious rooms. Their secluded locations offer privacy, as well as ample outdoor amenities. Infinity pools, gardens and terraces are framed by sweeping Costa Rica views. Los Suenos villas are ideal for long-term guests, especially large groups. They effortlessly accommodate all needs. 


Inside Los Suenos are condos. These options provide the comforts of home, with cozy decors and fully-equipped rooms. Their sizes vary, allowing for single travelers, couples or small groups to better customize their accommodations. They also feature centralized locations, allowing guests to easily access the resort’s many amenities, such as deep sea charters or world-class dining. They are ideal for short-term stays, emphasizing convenience over space.

Los Suenos villas and condos are worthwhile options for travelers. They simply address different needs, such as size and trip duration. Book the right home today!

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