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Subject: Create A Checklist Of Phone Numbers While In Costa Rica
(Posted on Feb 2, 2014 at 06:07PM )

phone numbers for costa ricaA Costa Rica vacation promises relaxation. Travelers seek out the Central Pacific, fishing rods in one hand and powered-down phones in the other. They want to disconnect from the outside world, sparing no thoughts for apps, texts or cell chats.

Having access to certain phone numbers, however, is important - even if it seems to defy the resort atmosphere of Los Suenos, Jaco and Manuel Antonio.

When visiting the Central Pacific be certain to keep a list of important phone numbers tucked safely in a bag or wallet. This list should include contact information for:

The Foreign Embassy (Embassies for the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and other countries are found in Costa Rica's capital, San Jose)

Police Services

Hospital Services

Hotels or Hostels

Chosen Attractions (specifically ones that have been reserved, like charter trips or eco-tours)

Directory Assistance

Should an emergency occur, tourists must be able to react quickly. A phone list allows them to do so, promoting efficient communication and reducing panic.

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