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Subject: Be Sure To Contact Your Bank While Planning A Costa Rica Vacation
(Posted on Feb 3, 2014 at 03:03PM )

costa rica vacation tipsThe exchange rate can destroy a vacation budget, forcing travelers to face endless transactions fees and penalties, reducing the value of every coin. Funds can quickly become limited.

When planning a Costa Rica vacation, therefore, you should verify what your bank will charge for each transaction and how this will impact your trip.

Contact your bank before arriving in Los Suenos, Jaco or Manuel Antonio. Discover what its transaction rates are or if it even has any (some institutions don’t charge for foreign purchases). Ask if any local branches are available in the area. This can make cash conversion far easier and reduce fees.

Be sure to also tell staffers that your debit or credit cards will be used on this vacation to avoid your accounts being frozen. Identity theft is a major concern and many travelers are unable to access their money, simply because they didn't inform their banks.

Remember these suggestions to streamline the vacation process and avoid hefty fines.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about baking fees. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.
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