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Subject: Costa Rica Seasons Impact Accommodations And Tours
(Posted on Oct 22, 2013 at 02:24PM )
los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica, despite what many travelers assume, is not a land of steady temperatures. It’s days aren’t always hot, and its breezes aren’t always sweet.

This lush little country is instead defined by different seasons, susceptible to fickle weather like the rest of the world. It’s important to remember this while planning a Los Suenos vacation. Be aware of changing patterns and how they will impact the availability of rental homes and tours.

High Season

The High Season in Costa Rica is from December until April. Along the Los Suenos coast the air becomes humid, while Pacific waves tend to swell. It features the hottest temperatures of the year, as well as countless reservations for condos, villas, charter tours and more. Advanced booking is recommended.

Low Season

The Low Season occurs between May and November. It’s shaped by cool temperatures and bursts of heavy rain. Around Los Suenos the forests and mountains will experience frequent storms, while the beaches will often be spared until evening. Accommodation and tour prices tend to drop dramatically during this period, due to a weaker tourist population.

Peak Season

The Peak Season meets every traveler’s expectations. It spans from late December to mid-January, providing a short collection of hot days and sultry nights. It is, historically, the most popular time for tourists to visit the country and prices shift accordingly. Be prepared to book homes and charters months in advance.

Understanding when to travel to Costa Rica is important. Book every rental home, fishing charter and adventure tour at the right time to gain the best experience.
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