los suenos costa ricaA premier destination deserves a premier hotel.

The Los Suenos Marriott is that hotel.
This 1,110 acre resort is a collection of luxury suites and services. Nestled along spectacular Herradura Beach, the Los Suenos Marriott impresses even the most discerning traveler. Its interior is gracefully styled, with colonial-inspired furnishings and panoramic sweeps. Within its four stories are world-class amenities - such as sumptuous spa treatments, delectable dining options, breathtaking ballrooms and more. Every day yields a feast for the senses.

This hotel offers more than accommodating floorplans and efficient concierges, however. Instead it delights guests with its many outdoor attractions.

The Los Suenos Marriott is undeniable. Rain-forests flank its eastern and western sides, offering acres of protected trails and exotic creatures. An internationally recognized golf course, La Iguana, carves through its center. Pools that shame their Olympic counterparts dot the landscape. White sand shapes the resort’s southern views, with an exclusive beach club offering access to snorkeling, surfing and diving.

And, to the delight of anglers everywhere, the Los Suenos Marriott boasts a 300-slip marina, serving as a docking station for private yachts, charter ships and more. This famed port is the only one of its kind in Costa Rica, being sanctioned for vessels exceeding 180 feet. It is where all fishing dreams begin.

Experience all that the Central Pacific has to offer at the Los Suenos Marriott. 

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