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los suenos costa ricaSustainability is the cornerstone of Costa Rica, supporting both the economy and the country’s unique biosphere. This surge toward environmentalism is unmatched throughout the world, and political figures are starting to take note.

According to a recent article by the Costa Rican Times, journalists, advocates and strategists descended upon San Jose - all trying to discover the secret of the Central Pacific’s success and how to best incorporate it into their own cities.

On December 25, 2013, Costa Rica hosted the Fourth Annual International Conference on Sustainable Tourism. This unique conference examined the impact of ecotravel - how it effects market growth, how it promotes environmental awareness and how it can better connect the world. Renowned panelists (such as Lawrence Pratt, director of the Latin American Center for Competitiveness and Development, and award-winning author Elizabeth Becker) praised the country’s efforts and encouraged other global powers to embrace the sustainable approach.

This was a landmark event, with the world officially recognizing Costa Rica’s many achievements. Through its conservation policies regions like Los Suenos, Manuel Antonio and Jaco have been preserved.

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