Central Pacific Coast Cataraman Tours - Manuel Antonio

Experience exceptional beauty and exceptional thrills on the Ocean King Catamaran.

The Central Pacific coast is a collection of sweeping views and dynamic sporting. Within its blue waters are countless adventures: from whale watching to deep sea fishing, snorkeling to surfing. It offers the world’s most diverse bio-scape.

And no destination better exemplifies that than Quepos. This lively city is a favorite of travelers, centering them within Costa Rica’s natural wonder. It is framed by pristine beaches and lush jungles, with a shoreline that is ever-changing.

Exploring that shoreline is now easy with the Ocean King Catamaran.

The ship is 100’, allowing it to accommodate anglers, divers and sun-bathers alike. Along its expansive decks over one hundred guests can mingle, taking advantage of jacuzzis, giant trampolines, two water-slides, a tanning area and more. There is no shortage of things to do.

Beautifully decorated quarters define the lower areas, with four fully-equipped bathrooms and bedrooms providing ways to relax. A lounge allows guests to indulge in the passing scenery and sample a delicious lunch (every tour is all-inclusive, offering drinks and food)
Ocaen King Cataraman Tours
The Ocean King Catamaran is a luxury ship. It boasts more than spectacular comfort, however. Instead it takes guests to the heart of the Central Pacific.

Every tour, which is led by experienced and friendly staff members, weaves along the Quepos coast, introducing travelers to a wealth of activities. Seek out whales and dolphins. Play on Biesanz Beach. Snorkel among sandy shelves and reefs. Sail into the sunset. The possibilities are endless.
Discover all that Costa Rica has to offer. Reserve a tour on the Ocean King Catamaran today.

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