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Subject: What To Bring On A Neo Fauna Tour In Jaco
(Posted on Feb 3, 2014 at 02:42PM )

neo fauna jaco costa ricaNeo Fauna embraces the many ecosystems of Costa Rica. Within its carefully maintained structures are rare plants, insects and reptiles, making it one of the Central Pacific’s premier preserves. Those traveling to this Jaco attraction should expect wondrous sights.

They should also expect to bring certain items:

Proper Clothing

Though Jaco boasts warm temperatures, travelers are encouraged to wear long sleeve shirts and pants while in Neo Fauna. This is to limit exposure to plants and local wildlife, reducing chances of allergic reactions or insect bites. Choose lightweight layers to keep skin covered.


Neo Fauna boasts spectacular sights. Be certain to capture them all with a camera. Pictures are allowed in the main structures, but flash options should be removed to avoid disturbing the butterflies and amphibians.


Staffers expertly lead guests through Neo Fauna, offering commentary about the many plants and animals, as well as detailing the preserve’s conservation programs. Reward their service with tips in the local currency (known as colones).

Explore all that Neo Fauna has to offer - just be sure to bring the right items.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about Neo Fauna. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.
Subject: What To Bring On A Miro’s Mountain Hike In Jaco
(Posted on Feb 2, 2014 at 05:53PM )

miro's mountain jaco costa ricaMiro’s Mountain promises exceptional views and outdoor fun. It also, however, promises blistered feet and sun-chapped skin for those who aren’t properly prepared.

When trekking along this Jaco attraction be certain to bring the right items:

Close-Toed Shoes

Though Miro’s Mountain boasts an easy climb, travelers should still rely on hiking boots or sneakers. The paths are rocky and open-toed shoes are not ideal.

Sun Protection

Miro’s Mountain offers panoramic views of the Central Pacific. This is due to an unshaded expanse, however, that leaves travelers exposed to high temperatures and strong sunlight. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and use SPF-rich lotions.


Conquering Miro’s Mountain is not difficult. It can, however, prove time-consuming for families with young children or individuals with physical disabilities. Be certain to bring water on the trip, keeping the entire party well-hydrated should the climb take longer than anticipated.

Miro’s Mountain is a perfect choice for every adventurer - as long as they’re prepared.

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neo fauna jaco costa ricaConservation is the cornerstone of Costa Rica, and few destinations better embrace this than Neo Fauna.

Tucked a mere kilometer away from Jaco’s downtown is a small, but spectacular, preserve. Neo Fauna delights travelers with its vast collection of butterflies, amphibians and exotic plants. Established in 1990 by noted biologist Luis Angel Fonseca, this attraction provides a glimpse into the country’s unique ecosystems.

The main structure, which sprawls over 10,000 square feet, houses rare butterflies, with glass displays showcasing Blue Morphos, Tiger Butterflies and more. Guests then walk into a humid secondary structure, where reptiles and amphibians are carefully bred to support repopulation efforts. Seasoned guides are positioned throughout the preserve to offer insight into these creatures, as well as to explain the importance of conservation.

Neo Fauna is a perfect option for eco-tourists and families alike. No reservations are needed but, due to the popularity of this option, travelers should book private tours at least two weeks in advance.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about Neo Fauna. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and special promotions.

pura vida gardens jaco costa ricaJaco is famed for its high swells and tidal breaks. Tucked away from the boardwalk bustle, however, is a series of gardens and waterfalls that will impress even the most avid eco-tourist.

Visit Pura Vida Gardens while in Jaco.

This spectacular attraction is nestled among the hills, rising above the city’s main strip. Within it are carefully maintained lawns, filled with exotic flowers and towering trees. Countless walkways lead guests through fifty acres, offering access to panoramic views of the Pacific shoreline, as well as one of the country’s most dynamic butterfly habitats. Discover hundreds of rare insects.

Those missing the seaside won’t be disappointed in Pura Vida Gardens. It hosts some of Costa Rica’s most impressive waterfalls, with paths allowing guests to follow them from base to peak. The views are extraordinary and the climb is exhilarating.

Pura Vida Gardens is an ideal option for every traveler. Add it to any family vacation or sport fishing tour. No reservations are needed and, due to the size of the park, even summer crowds prove easy to avoid.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.
Subject: Visit The Tarcoles Crocodile Bridge While In Jaco
(Posted on Jan 30, 2014 at 04:06PM )

tarcoles crocodile bridge costa ricaA stretch of highway curves just beyond Jaco, leading travelers to San Jose and its downtown delights. There is more to discover on this open road than a metropolis, however. There are also crocodiles.

Drive across the Tarcoles Bridge, a concrete structure that spans the northern and southern banks of the Tarcoles River. Sidewalks line this bridge, allowing travelers to exit their cars and peer over the edges. What they then find are American Crocodiles - dozens of them.

No matter what the season, this stretch of river boasts a collection of crocodiles that can’t be denied. Eco-tourists, families and sport fishermen alike will be delighted as they watch these creatures swim and feast. Local guides are available to provide up-close encounters, and regular feeding events offer photo opportunities and excitement.

The Tarcoles Bridge is a short drive from Jaco, averaging less than ten minutes. Lengthy lines will develop along the sidewalks, however, and finding a prime viewing spot can prove difficult. Arrive early to bypass the crowds or schedule a private bank excursion.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about this activity. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.

paddle boarding jaco costa ricaHigh breaks define the Jaco coastline, drawing surfers from across the globe. Travelers interested in a different kind of water sport, however, can also take advantage of this Costa Rica town.

Go paddle boarding in Jaco.

Paddle boarding is an ideal option for the Central Pacific. Swim just beyond Jaco’s inner-shore and discover deep water. Riders can easily perform stand-up tricks in the steady waves, and open miles (free of reefs, shelves or other barriers) ensure that no wayward snorkelers or surfers will arrive. Expect warm temperatures and slow currents.

Seasoned guides are available to offer instruction, as well as local anecdotes, to any novice paddler. Board rentals can also be found along the shore for extra convenience.

This is a safe and family-friendly activity, which makes it extremely popular. Arrive early to Jaco Beach, therefore, to secure a board and a prime sea spot.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about paddle boarding in Jaco. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter cruises and special promotions.

miro mountain jaco costa ricaTucked along Jaco’s southern coast is a small but spectacular incline. Miro’s Mountain, known locally as Cero Fresco, is an unexpected attraction in this seaside town. It rises above the beach, tempting travelers away from the surf and shore.

Hike Miro’s Mountain and discover what’s hidden in Jaco. The short trek weaves guests to a stunning plateau, offering them panoramic views of the Central Pacific. Exotic plants line the path and local creatures - such as white-faced monkeys, iguanas or macaws - are found in abundance. Become immersed in Costa Rica’s natural beauty.

Miro’s Mountain is an ideal option for eco-tourists of all ages. It proves easy to climb and boasts many resting points, allowing even families with young children to navigate it without trouble. It should be noted that a canopy tour used to operate from this peak but has been closed. Remnants of it (such as climbing platforms and cables) should be avoided.

Take a hike up Miro’s Mountain to see all that Jaco has to offer.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about this attraction. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and special promotions.

damas island costa ricaDamas Island promises adventure for all Manuel Antonio travelers. Families, fishing enthusiasts and eco-tourists alike flock to this collection of canals, expecting exceptional scenery and thrilling water sports.

Before arriving to the island, however, all guests must remember to pack the proper items. Create a checklist and never enter Damas without:

Comfortable Clothing

High humidity and summer temperatures can prove daunting in Damas, Travelers should, therefore, choose comfortable clothing. Replace heavy denim and hiking boots with breathable fabrics and soft soled sneakers.

Insect Repellent

Damas, like the rest of Costa Rica, is famed for its insects. Spray on a high-grade repellent before arriving to the estuary and apply liberally throughout the day.

Skin Protection

Though Damas boasts many shaded areas, guests should expect some sunny spots. Plan accordingly with wide-brimmed hats, sun lotion and sunglasses.

Waterproof Luggage

The most common way to travel through Damas is by kayak. Bring a waterproof bag or pack, therefore, to keep all items securely stored.

A trip to Damas is undeniably thrilling, as long as travelers are prepared.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation for other tips. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.
Subject: Choose An All-Inclusive Surfing Lesson In Jaco
(Posted on Jan 24, 2014 at 02:37PM )

surfing lessons jaco beach costa ricaTravelers come to Jaco for the exceptional waves. This is a true surfer’s paradise of rip-tide runs and barrel breaks, and even the most experienced athletes will find themselves challenged.

This is why amateur surfers must first receive lessons - especially fully-inclusive ones.

A fully-inclusive surfing lesson proves ideal for first-time sportsmen. It offers access to seasoned teachers, a safe environment and the necessary equipment:


All Jaco surfing lessons provide travelers with boards. Riders are paired with options that are correctly sized and easy to handle. 


Jaco Beach’s waters may be warm but proper clothing is still needed to surf. Riders will be offered protective suits. A variety of styles are available to ensure a perfect fit.


A day of surfing sparks a healthy appetite. Lessons will conclude with freshly prepared meals, highlighting some of Costa Rica’s local delicacies. Alert the instructors of any food allergies and, if specific dietary options are needed, be prepared to bring substitutes.

Choose fully-inclusive surfing lessons while in Jaco. They ensure safe, and exciting, adventures for all.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about surfing in Jaco. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.
Subject: Visit Damas Island While In Manuel Antonio
(Posted on Jan 23, 2014 at 03:20PM )

damas island costa rica kayaking tourTucked along the Pacific coast is Damas Island, a six kilometer sprawl of mangrove canals, estuaries and lush canopies.

Those visiting Manuel Antonio should spare a day to discover its many secrets.

Damas is an exceptionally beautiful island located a mere fifteen minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park. A quick charter tour brings guests to its rich shores, allowing them to explore dense forests and impressive wetlands. This delicate ecosystem houses some of Costa Rica’s rarest creatures, including the spectacled caiman and the silky anteater, and it offers a wide array of activities.

Kayak through the mangroves. Have up-close encounters with crocodiles during a boating excursion. Go bird-watching in the rain-forest. Dive into the Pacific. Venture into the estuaries during a night tour, when some of Damas’ more elusive creatures come out to play. There is much to do.

Damas Island is a perfect addition to any sport fishing tour or family vacation. It offers spectacular scenery and endless excitement.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about Damas Island. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.
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