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los suenos costa ricaThe La Iguana golf course stands as one of Costa Rica’s premier attractions. This series of fairways and greenways is a favorite of professionals and amateurs alike, and its bold design inspires endless tee times.

Those wanting to experience Los Suenos’ dynamic terrain, however, will also find this course worthwhile.

Hike through the Marriott’s La Iguana course. It sprawls almost 7,000 yards and offers some of the area’s most exceptional views.

Spy on local wildlife, such as toucans, sloths, monkeys or macaws.
Trek through private rain-forest pathways.
Marvel at Herradura Bay.
See the nearby towns of Jaco and Manuel Antonio.
Watch passing charter ships and kite-boards.
Discover fragrant orchids and banana trees.

La Iguana offers panoramic sweeps of the Central Pacific. It’s a must-see destination for every Los Suenos guest, even those who favor sport fishing to golf.

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Subject: Indulge In Hemingway’s Favorite Cocktail At The Los Suenos Resort
(Posted on Dec 24, 2013 at 11:29AM )

los suenos costa ricaLos Suenos is far more than the center of sport fishing and zip-line tours. It’s instead a paradise for cocktail connoisseurs.

Visit Costa Rica to discover a world of potent potables - ones favored by famed writer and traveller Ernest Hemingway. Hemingway, who trekked throughout Central America, sampled many local liquors in a quest for the perfect drink.

Los Suenos now draws inspiration from his search to create a cocktail that can’t be denied.

Seek out the Marriott for an exceptional tasting experience. The Puesta del Sol lounge, which is part of the Marina Village, offers a Mojitos At Sunset event. This allows guests to try Hemingway’s favorite drink, discovering a rich collection of local ingredients and premium liquors.

Mojitos At Sunset is the perfect way to end a day of sport fishing, surfing, hiking and more. Enjoy exceptional service and unforgettable scenery at Puesta del Sol.

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los suenos costa ricaLos Suenos is a traveler’s paradise.

Within it guests will find access to world-class fishing, surfing, hiking and more. It boasts the Central Pacific’s most striking scenery, and its resort amenities prove perfect for every vacation.

Anglers and adventurous families are not the only ones to enjoy this destination, though.

Instead food-enthusiasts will find much to celebrate.

Visit the Los Suenos Resort and sample Costa Rica’s finest cuisine. Both the Marriott and the Marina Village offer exceptional dining options, catering to all tastes and needs. Explore delectable treats at:

El Galeon
The Hook Up
Terrace Lounge
Dolce Vita

Even the most finicky eaters will discover mouth-watering menus at these restaurants. Sample them all!

To learn more about the Los Suenos Resort click here.

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los suenos costa ricaLos Suenos is the center of all things thrilling. This could never be denied.

In between the many sport fishing trips, charter cruises and surfing lessons, however, guests can still discover a bit of tranquility - through yoga.

Strike a pose at the Los Suenos Marriott. Yoga classes are available daily, with seasoned instructors keeping travelers in shape and perfectly calm. Each session takes place on the beach, with white sand serving as the perfect setting for every downward dog and forward fold.

Participants of all ages and experience levels are welcome, making this an ideal option for families and ecotourists alike. The sessions are only $15.00 and provide a serene interlude.

Los Suenos is the premier destination for excitement. It also, however, now offers a new way to relax.

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los suenos costa ricaTravelers flock to Los Suenos for the promise of adventure. Its ample outdoor activities - from sport fishing to white water rafting, zip-lining to surfing - prove impossible to deny.

After the many charter tours and hiking trips, however, some guests may find themselves in need of some serenity. The Blush Spa and Salon becomes the perfect choice, therefore.

Create a day of luxury in Los Suenos. The Blush Spa and Salon offers world-class treatments for men, women and even entire families. Its dedicated staff provides tired travelers with relaxing massages, therapeutic cleanses, pampering pedicures and more. It rejuvenates guests and proves an ideal addition to any vacation.

Schedule a trip to the Blush Spa and Salon while staying in Los Suenos. This is the Central Pacific’s best option for personalized service and quality treatments.

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