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damas island costa ricaDamas Island promises adventure for all Manuel Antonio travelers. Families, fishing enthusiasts and eco-tourists alike flock to this collection of canals, expecting exceptional scenery and thrilling water sports.

Before arriving to the island, however, all guests must remember to pack the proper items. Create a checklist and never enter Damas without:

Comfortable Clothing

High humidity and summer temperatures can prove daunting in Damas, Travelers should, therefore, choose comfortable clothing. Replace heavy denim and hiking boots with breathable fabrics and soft soled sneakers.

Insect Repellent

Damas, like the rest of Costa Rica, is famed for its insects. Spray on a high-grade repellent before arriving to the estuary and apply liberally throughout the day.

Skin Protection

Though Damas boasts many shaded areas, guests should expect some sunny spots. Plan accordingly with wide-brimmed hats, sun lotion and sunglasses.

Waterproof Luggage

The most common way to travel through Damas is by kayak. Bring a waterproof bag or pack, therefore, to keep all items securely stored.

A trip to Damas is undeniably thrilling, as long as travelers are prepared.

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Subject: Visit Damas Island While In Manuel Antonio
(Posted on Jan 23, 2014 at 03:20PM )

damas island costa rica kayaking tourTucked along the Pacific coast is Damas Island, a six kilometer sprawl of mangrove canals, estuaries and lush canopies.

Those visiting Manuel Antonio should spare a day to discover its many secrets.

Damas is an exceptionally beautiful island located a mere fifteen minutes from Manuel Antonio National Park. A quick charter tour brings guests to its rich shores, allowing them to explore dense forests and impressive wetlands. This delicate ecosystem houses some of Costa Rica’s rarest creatures, including the spectacled caiman and the silky anteater, and it offers a wide array of activities.

Kayak through the mangroves. Have up-close encounters with crocodiles during a boating excursion. Go bird-watching in the rain-forest. Dive into the Pacific. Venture into the estuaries during a night tour, when some of Damas’ more elusive creatures come out to play. There is much to do.

Damas Island is a perfect addition to any sport fishing tour or family vacation. It offers spectacular scenery and endless excitement.

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Subject: What To Bring On A Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour
(Posted on Jan 22, 2014 at 03:36PM )

catamaran tour manuel antonio costa ricaA catamaran tour in Manuel Antonio promises exceptional views and exciting activities. Travelers hurry to the Central Pacific coast, wanting to take advantage of world-class diving, snorkeling and fish encounters.

Those same travelers, however, must first create a list of the things they need to make every tour comfortable.

While sailing around Manuel Antonio bring these items.

Extra Clothing

This tour is intended for water-lovers and guests will get wet. Extra clothing - including shirts, shorts, towels and more - is essential.

Waterproof Camera

Manuel Antonio offers coastal scenery and ample marine life. Bring a waterproof camera to capture them all.

Sun Protection

Use SPF-infused sun screen and apply it regularly. Bring a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses as well to compensate for the high temperatures.

Soft Soled Shoes

Catamaran crews prefer guests to wear soft soled options, like sneakers or boat shoes, while on-board. These help to reduce concerns of scratches or varnish damage.


While Manuel Antonio tours provide meals, they may not be able to accommodate specific dietary needs. Be prepared to pack a lunch and alert the crew to any allergies or restrictions.

Remember these items while planning a catamaran tour. Contact Costa Rica Vacation for other tips, as well as to ask us about our accommodations or charter ships.

catamaran tour manuel antonio costa ricaManuel Antonio offers some of Costa Rica’s most dynamic shorelines. The tangle of rain-forest trees, tidal pools and rocky coves proves spectacular from every angle - and a catamaran tour allows travelers to experience them all.

Take a catamaran tour in Manuel Antonio. Seasoned guides sail guests around the coastline, offering them exceptional views and regional anecdotes. Weigh anchor in the Pacific to discover world-class snorkeling and diving opportunities. Greet dolphins, turtles and other marine creatures as they glide by. See exquisite coral reefs and enjoy hours of swimming. End the day with a hearty dinner and a sunset that can’t be denied.

Manuel Antonio catamaran tours are perfect complements to any sport fishing trip or family vacation. Schedule one today. Advanced booking is strongly recommended, and alert the charter crews to any health or medical issues that may interfere with swimming or snorkeling.

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Subject: What To Bring On A Manuel Antonio Sport Fishing Tour
(Posted on Jan 20, 2014 at 03:24PM )

manuel antonio costa rica fishing tripManuel Antonio offers exceptional fishing throughout the year.

The success of a charter tour relies on more than Marlins and Snooks, however. Instead proper planning is needed, with travelers bringing the appropriate items onboard.

Create a list for every Manuel Antonio sport fishing trip and be sure that it includes the following:

Close-toed shoes - sandals or flip-flops may slip on a ship deck. Choose options like sneakers or boots for more security.

Sun Protection - always bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat on a fishing trip. Exposure to Costa Rica’s consistent heat can result in burns, peels or other problems.

Water - dehydration is a concern on charter ships, due to the high temperatures and lack of shade. Always bring water and drink steadily throughout the trip.

Fishing License - always have a fishing license available, should charter captains or crewmen wish to verify it.

Seasickness Medication - even experienced fishermen can become suddenly ill. Always bring medication to combat seasickness.

Remember these items when planning a Manuel Antonio fishing trip.

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sport fishing manuel antonio costa ricaSport fishing in Costa Rica is always a thrill.

Manuel Antonio makes it a convenience as well.

This coastal town is a series of canals, rivers and tidal pools. It boasts many deep sea and inshore fishing opportunities, accommodating anglers of all experience levels. Throughout the year it promises abundant marine life and steady migration paths, making it the perfect locale for every adventurer.

Discover Marlins, Snooks, Dorados and more. Manuel Antonio - specifically its North Espadilla and Teloro beaches - is a mecca for saltwater fish, allowing anglers to secure record-breaking catches with ease. Expect strong hauls and exciting tours.

Manuel Antonio is famed for its national park and seaside charm. Those craving a sport fishing experience like no other, however, will also be impressed. Reserve a tour today for the entire family.

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playitas beach manuel antonio costa ricaNorth Espadilla Beach is a popular option in Manuel Antonio. It draws crowds from across Costa Rica, offering exceptional surfing and sailing.

Tucked to the west of North Espadilla, however, is a secluded beach that may prove ideal for those who don’t want to share their outdoor experiences with the rest of the country.

Playitas is a stretch of gray sand and rocky shores, hidden from the main entrance of Manuel Antonio National Park. It’s often overlooked by travelers, leaving its blue waters unexplored. This allows the few guests who do find it to surf, swim and study marine life (such as turtles or dolphins) in peace.

Playitas is part of North Espadilla. A gap separates the two, however, and rock formations shield this beach from the public. It’s a fifteen minute trek to reach this option, but travelers will be satisfied with its privacy and space.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about the beaches in Manuel Antonio. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and family packages.

manuel antonio beach costa ricaManuel Antonio has inspired many namesakes. None please water enthusiasts more, however, than Manuel Antonio beach.

Tucked within the national park, Manuel Antonio is a popular option for travelers who crave pristine coastlines and deep waters. This beach rests on the Pacific, its rock formations and reefs shielding it from the region’s traditional breaks. This creates ideal snorkeling and swimming conditions, with concerns of rip-tides or swells virtually eliminated.

The undisturbed shore is flanked by Manuel Antonio National Park, providing up-close encounters with the local flora and fauna. This is perfect for families, fishermen and eco-tourists alike.

Manuel Antonio beach is one of Costa Rica's premier locales. Expect heavy crowds during the dry season, therefore, and be willing to travel away from the main entrance to find a secluded spot.

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Subject: Visit South Espadilla Beach In Manuel Antonio
(Posted on Jan 16, 2014 at 03:19PM )

south espadilla beach manuel antonio costa ricaTravelers flock to Manuel Antonio for its impressive national park and exquisite scenery. Those craving water sports, however, should also schedule a trip to this Costa Rican town - specifically to find South Espadilla beach.

Nestled in the northern corner of Manuel Antonio National Park is South Espadilla beach. This long stretch of gray sand and rock formations is a favorite of tourists, offering instant access to the Pacific. Its waters are clear and its waves are temperate, creating perfect conditions for snorkeling, swimming, sailing or body-boarding. On-shore fishing is also possible, with many breeds migrating through the area. This is the ultimate deep-sea destination.

South Espadilla beach, it should be noted, is incredibly popular. Expect heavy crowds, even during the rainy season, and arrive early to stake out a spot on the sand.

There are no life-guards on South Espadilla beach. Families with young children should, therefore, note all current conditions and practice safe swimming techniques.

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Subject: Visit Puerto Escondido Beach In Manuel Antonio
(Posted on Jan 15, 2014 at 03:17PM )

puerto escondido beach manuel antonio costa ricaManuel Antonio isn’t famed for its sandy shorelines. Tucked deep within the park, however, is a stretch of coast that will tempt even the most discerning beach-lovers.

Visit Puerto Escondido!

Puerto Escondido - a name that aptly translates to Hidden Port - is located far from Manuel Antonio National Park’s main entrance. It’s nestled along the interior, often obscured by hide tides and deep undergrowths. Those who stumble upon it, however, will find a unique outdoor experience.

This Costa Rican beach features spectacular scenery. Driftwood and grey stones define its shore, with towering jungle trees flanking every side. The water is a striking blue and offers hard breaks and rises (perfect for surfing, paddle-boarding or rafting).

Most importantly, however, is that Puerto Escondido is often overlooked by tourists. This makes it a secluded paradise for water-enthusiasts and families alike. Expect empty shores throughout the day.

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