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los suenos costa ricaThe quest for rapids leads many rafters to Costa Rica. This tiny country boasts a network of rivers, inlets and mangrove canals. It's a blend of fresh and salt water, leaving the entire shoreline drenched. 

It’s the Central Pacific region, however, that offers the best white water rafting.

Travel just beyond Los Suenos and find the Naranjo River. This fifty mile stretch of canyons and sharp banks offers exceptional thrills. It’s Class III and Class IV rapids send riders flying through every gorge, and its spectacular setting in the Talamanca foothills can’t be denied.

The Naranjo River is perfect for experienced riders or those wanting to master white waves. While it’s a difficult river to navigate, seasoned guides and safety gear make it suitable for even the most novice rafter. Discover fast currents and daring maneuvers on this exciting charter.

Book a Naranjo River tour today!

los suenos costa ricaA Naranjo River tour tempts the most experienced rafters with strong rapids and daring turns. Those same rafters need more than a paddle and a smile, however. They instead need a checklist of essential items.

Before sailing from the Los Suenos Resort, be certain to pack:

Close-toed shoes

Shorts and short-sleeve shirt if rafting during the dry season

Pants and long-sleeve shirt if rafting during the rainy season

Waterproof camera


Any medication or prescriptions

Extra clothes (changing rooms are available once the ride is over)

Contacts or secured goggles
An all-day adventure of the Naranjo River promises exceptional rapids and exceptional fun, but only if travelers are prepared for it. Utilize these options for any charter tour.
Subject: Choose An All-Inclusive Naranjo River Tour
(Posted on Nov 25, 2013 at 09:58AM )

los suenos costa ricaNavigating the Naranjo River requires more than an indomitable spirt, though that certainly doesn’t hurt. It also requires an all-inclusive tour, allowing riders to focus on white-water thrills instead of dull details.

An all-inclusive Naranjo River tour provides rafters with everything they need to have an unforgettable experience. Each excursion is led by seasoned guides. Safety equipment - such as life preservers, helmets and even a rescue kayak - is provided, and all riders are given demonstrations of how to properly use every item. Meals and snacks are included, and transportation can be easily secured from Los Suenos or Manuel Antonio.

This streamlines the vacation process, letting every rafter enjoy themselves instead of fretting over where to go, what to do and how to get there. Exploring the Pacific coastline is now easy.

Book an all-inclusive Naranjo River tour today!
Subject: How To Get To The Savegre River From Los Suenos
(Posted on Nov 19, 2013 at 12:10PM )

los suenos costa ricaWaiting beyond the Los Suenos Resort is the Savegre River. This exquisitely beautiful, and undeniably exciting, 10 kilometer stretch allows travelers to explore the Central Pacific.

Drive from Los Suenos toward the Talamanca Mountains. There the Savegre begins, weaving along pristine coastline. Travelers will marvel at the sweeping jungle views, rocky shores and deep canyons. The surroundings are lush, blurring eventually into Manuel Antonio National Park.

Before reaching the park, however, all travelers will experience Class II, III and IV rapids. Expect sharp twists, dynamic dips and exhilarating speeds. This provides an unforgettable excursion for all rafters, with seasoned guides leading them around every bend.

It’s a short drive from Los Suenos to the Savegre River, requiring less than two hours. That makes this the perfect all-day option for rafters of all ages. Book a tour today!

los suenos costa ricaThe Savegre River offers exceptional rafting. Every mile delivers strong rapids and striking scenery, making this the tour of choice for many adventurers.

A Los Suenos rafting trip requires more than a bold spirit, however. There are instead certain items you must bring with you. Before leaving the marina create a checklist:

Comfortable shoes. Sneakers, boots or back-strapped sandals are recommended. No flip-flops. 
Lightweight shirts and shorts for the dry season.
Long-sleeve shirts and long pants for the rainy season.
Secure straps for eyeglasses or contacts if possible.
Small travel bag for sunscreen, sunglasses and other amenities.
Waterproof camera.
Remember these items before embarking on a Savegre River tour
los suenos costa ricaNestled along the Pacific Ocean is Los Suenos. This Costa Rica resort summons deep sea adventurers throughout the year, with its close proximity to sandy shores and high waves making it an easy choice.

Tucked just beyond the marina, however, is another way to enjoy the water. Take a Los Suenos rafting tour!

A Costa Rica rafting tour allows guests to experience the thrills of world-class rapids, without straying too far from their Los Suenos vacation rentals

Consider the Rio Naranjo. This bold stretch of water is located just an hour from the resort. It’s a challenging trek, with quick swells and aggressive waves, delivering Class IV rapids throughout the day. It’s a favorite of experienced rafters and is sure to impress.

Those craving gentler waters don’t need to fret. Instead try a Los Suenos rafting tour down the Rio Savegre. Tucked two hours from the resort, this river boasts sweeping views and steady currents. Its rapids are tame, and it’s ideal for inexperienced sportsmen or families with young children.

Costa Rica offers more than Pacific fun. Instead explore what waits beyond Los Suenos with a rafting tour. Book an exclusive trip today!
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