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Subject: Take An Evening Mangrove Tour In Manuel Antonio
(Posted on Jan 11, 2014 at 02:07PM )

mangrove tour in manuel antonio costa ricaCosta Rica is famed for its sun-drenched coasts. An exciting experience awaits travelers in the dark, however.

Visit Manuel Antonio as the evening descends and prepare for an outdoor adventure like no other. The Damas Estuary offers nighttime mangrove tours, allowing guests to access a wide array of sights and sounds.

Watch curious creatures - like crocodiles, turtles or boas - slither out from their morning hideaways. See exotic blooms open. Feel the rise of a high tide, earning unparalleled views of the jungle beyond.

An estimated 70% of Costa Rica’s wildlife is nocturnal. A nighttime mangrove tour is the perfect way to embrace them all, especially as seasoned guides detail the region’s history and environmental impact. It’s an ecotour that can’t be denied. Add it to any sport fishing trip or family vacation.

This Manuel Antonio option is extremely popular. Early reservations are recommended, therefore, to secure a spot.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about evening tours in Manuel Antonio. Ask us also about accommodations and charter cruises.

kayaking in manuel antonio costa ricaManuel Antonio embraces the coast, offering travelers an endless array of water sports and activities. Its many beaches and coves host snorkeling, sailing, deep sea fishing and more.

Those wanting to escape the ocean, however, can still discover some wet fun. Go kayaking!

Manuel Antonio boasts some of Costa Rica’s best kayaking opportunities. Travel just beyond the famed national park and enter the Damas Estuary. There discover a series of canals and mangrove lanes, all surrounded by towering trees and tropical plants. Spy white-faced monkeys, scarlet macaws and other national creatures. Let seasoned guides explain the history of the region, as well as detail the country's efforts to preserve it.

Kayaking in Manuel Antonio is the perfect option for any vacation. Schedule a tour between every family adventure or sport fishing trip. No experience is needed to master the boats, and all precautions are taken to ensure safe trips. Life jackets, first aid kits and flotation bags are provided.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about kayaking in Manuel Antonio. Ask us about our accommodations and charter tours as well.

horseback riding in manuel antonio costa ricaManuel Antonio is an adventurer’s paradise, offering lush landscapes and exhilarating tours. Those preferring a more sedate activity, however, will also find much to do.

Consider horseback riding.

Master the many trails of Manuel Antonio. Seasoned guides lead guests along the city’s borders, surrounding them with rain-forests and coastal scenery. Gentle horses - perfect for families with young children or inexperienced riders - set a calm pace, winding up nearby mountains and arriving eventually at the Quebrada Arroyo waterfall. This tour is a favorite of those wishing to immerse themselves in one of Costa Rica's most picturesque communities.

Travelers with back or neck injuries should refrain from participating in this activity. Riders exceeding 235 pounds will not be allowed to join.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about horseback riding in Manuel Antonio. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter ships and special promotions.
Subject: Take An Aerial Tram Tour In Manuel Antonio National Park
(Posted on Jan 8, 2014 at 11:08AM )

aerial tram in manuel antonioManuel Antonio National Park is a 1,700 acre sprawl of cliffs, coves and canopies. It’s one of Costa Rica’s premier destinations, allowing travelers to center themselves within an ever-changing bio-sphere.

Those wanting to see that bio-sphere from a new angle are now in luck - because Manuel Antonio offers aerial trams.

Rise above the tree-line, with an open air gondola sailing across 200 acres of pristine rainforest. Let seasoned guides - experts in avian, reptile and mammal behaviors - explain the unique collection of plants and animals. Be amazed by the many waterfalls, mountains and beaches below. There is no better view in Costa Rica.

All aerial trams are carefully maintained, boasting double-pulley cable systems and experienced operators. They offer safe fun for the entire family and are ideal additions to any Central Pacific trip.

Plan an aerial escape while in Manuel Antonio. Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about this dynamic option. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter tours and special promotions.
Subject: What To Bring On A Carara National Park Tour
(Posted on Jan 7, 2014 at 11:23AM )

carara national park manuel antonio rainforestCarara National Park offers some of Costa Rica’s most exquisite landscapes, bringing travelers to the heart of the Central Pacific.

Those same travelers, however, must be properly prepared for all-day adventures.

When visiting the Manuel Antonio region be certain to bring these items:

Lightweight clothing

Favor light layers and breathable fibers, such as cotton or denim, to combat the park’s high humidity. Avoid sandals and other open-toed shoes. Choose sneakers that fasten securely instead.

Sun Protection

Bring a hat, sun glasses and sun screen into the park. Though the canopy may block some of the light, all-day hiking can expose guests to strong UV rays. Eliminate concerns of burns or heat exhuastion with appropriate support.


Insects are common in Carara. Be certain to apply repellent, therefore, before beginning a tour. Travelers should choose organic options when bringing their repellents into the park to reduce worries of environmental contamination. Avoid harsh chemical sprays or lotions.

Remember these items when planning a Manuel Antonio trip. They will provide the necessary comfort and protection for bird watching, fishing, zip-lining and more.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation for more information about Carara National Park. Ask us also about our accommodations, charter cruises and special promotions.
Subject: Plan A Carara National Park Tour While In Manuel Antonio
(Posted on Jan 6, 2014 at 12:04PM )

los suenos costa ricaTravelers visiting the Central Pacific may find themselves drawn to Manuel Antonio and its namesake park. This collection of towering trees and hidden caves perfectly captures the country’s unique bio-sphere.

Tucked just beyond Manuel Antonio, however, is a hidden gem - Carara National Park.

Carara National Park is a stunning series of mangroves and lagoons. It sprawls to the north of Manuel Antonio and Los Suenos, offering over 12,000 acres of pristine jungle and exotic creatures. Too often do travelers ignore this natural wonder, unaware of its location, tour options or facilities.

Costa Rica Vacation now details them all.


Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica


Monday through Sunday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Entrance Fee

$10.00 per person

Phone Number


Available Facilities

Quebrada Bonita Visitor’s Center

Available Tours

Bird watching, hiking, crocodile charters, wildlife tours.

Remember this information while planning a trip to Carara. Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about this national park, as well as to find out about accommodations, charter cruises and special promotions.

los suenos costa ricaBird lovers, prepare to celebrate!

Carara National Park - located in Manuel Antonio and offering some of Costa Rica’s most spectacular scenery - is an avian paradise, hosting 48% of the country’s total species. Its endless trees and canals prove irresistible to birds, and guests will discover an incredible variety of beaks, wings and feathers.

Delight in hundreds of birds, including:

Scarlet Macaws
King Vultures
Black-hooded Antshrikes
Great Tinamous
Pygmy Kingfishers
Blue-crowned Manakins
And more!

Travelers seek out the Manuel Antonio area for its many outdoor activities, such as sport-fishing or surfing. Its collection of birds, however, is second to none and individuals should spare a day to see them all.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation to learn more about Carara National Park, as well as to secure lodgings, charter cruises and family promotions.
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