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Subject: Explore Tortuga Island On A Pura Vida Princess Cruise
(Posted on Dec 14, 2013 at 01:03PM )

los suenos costa ricaSet sail for adventure - and luxury - on a Pura Vida Princess cruise!

Pura Vida Princess is a world-class catamaran, newly renovated and ready to take travelers to the nearby island of Tortuga. Depart early from Los Suenos, indulging in a delicious on-board breakfast (the meal includes local delicacies, such as plantains, gallo pintos and tortillas). Enjoy a leisurely two hour cruise, enjoying amenities like deck-side massages, DJ hosted dances and endless tropical drinks.

As the island nears experienced crewmen will provide each guest with the equipment they need: beach chairs, snorkeling gear, access to kayaks and banana boats, childrens’ toys and more. The Pura Vida staff is always accommodating.

Five hours will then be spent on Tortuga, with guests free to roam the exceptionally beautiful coast. Swim, fish, dive and zip-line on this remote isle. There is much to do, and the Pura Vida charter crew will always be nearby to offer suggestions.

This is the ideal vacation option - for fishermen, families and ecotourists alike. The amenities are ample and the service is second to none. Want to know more? Costa Rica Vacations offer some essential tour details:

Departure Time: 8:30 a.m.
Return Time: 5:00 p.m.
Duration on Tortuga: 5 hours
Meals: Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included. Snacks and drinks are provided as well.

Adults (ages 12 and up): $120.00
Children (ages 6 to 12): $60.00
Children 5 and younger sail free.

Contact Costa Rica Vacations to learn more about this exciting Los Suenos tour, and watch an exclusive promotional video below!

Subject: What To Bring On A Tortuga Island Cruise
(Posted on Nov 21, 2013 at 10:55AM )

los suenos costa ricaTortuga Island offers the perfect escape. Its unspoiled coast and lush vegetation allows travelers to experience some of Costa Rica’s most breathtaking sights. It is without peer on the Nicoya Peninsula.

It’s not, however, equipped with endless stores and restaurants. This is an island untouched so it’s best to plan ahead before chartering a Los Suenos ship to take you there. Create a checklist of essentials to combat both the high heat and the lack of shops.

Be sure to bring:

Sun screen
Sun glasses
Snorkeling gear (unless provided by the Tortuga Island cruise)
Spare clothing
Extra beach blankets
Cash for kayak or paddle board rentals
Snacks (unless provided by the Tortuga Island cruise)
Waterproof camera
Tortuga Island remains undisturbed by modern conveniences, which means you’ll have to bring your own from Los Suenos. Prepare for every cruise with a checklist.
Subject: Go Snorkeling In Costa Rica
(Posted on Nov 20, 2013 at 10:38AM )

los suenos costa ricaCosta Rica features the world’s most diverse collection of mammals and birds. A simple stroll through its jungles introduces travelers to countless animals. What waits beyond the shore, however, is just as intriguing.

Travel past Los Suenos and into the Pacific. There you will discover a wealth of reefs and inlets, all playing host to underwater creatures. Watch dolphins and manta rays. Catch a colorful glimpse of angelfish and dorados. Be amazed by peculiar porcupine fish and groupers. Spy humpback whales in the distance, moving in graceful pods.

Costa Rica’s marine life will fascinate, especially from behind a snorkeler's mask. The Central Pacific provides some of the best snorkeling around the globe, and it’s easy to see why with every passing wave. Dive deep to experience the beauty. Visit Los Suenos, Jaco and even Tortuga Island for exceptional sporting.

Charter a Los Suenos snorkeling tour today!
Subject: How To Get To The Savegre River From Los Suenos
(Posted on Nov 19, 2013 at 12:10PM )

los suenos costa ricaWaiting beyond the Los Suenos Resort is the Savegre River. This exquisitely beautiful, and undeniably exciting, 10 kilometer stretch allows travelers to explore the Central Pacific.

Drive from Los Suenos toward the Talamanca Mountains. There the Savegre begins, weaving along pristine coastline. Travelers will marvel at the sweeping jungle views, rocky shores and deep canyons. The surroundings are lush, blurring eventually into Manuel Antonio National Park.

Before reaching the park, however, all travelers will experience Class II, III and IV rapids. Expect sharp twists, dynamic dips and exhilarating speeds. This provides an unforgettable excursion for all rafters, with seasoned guides leading them around every bend.

It’s a short drive from Los Suenos to the Savegre River, requiring less than two hours. That makes this the perfect all-day option for rafters of all ages. Book a tour today!
Subject: Book An All-Inclusive Costa Rica Tortuga Island Tour
(Posted on Nov 18, 2013 at 11:13AM )

los suenos costa ricaA Tortuga Island cruise isn’t just an unforgettable experience. It’s instead an all-inclusive one, allowing guests to experience all the comforts of their Los Suenos rental homes on a charter ship.

During a Los Suenos cruise, travelers will be offered fantastic food and beverages (wine or local brews are available for adults; sodas and juices are provided for children). The air-conditioned ship features spacious decks, plentiful seating and shaded salons. A bilingual crew will provide cheerful conversation, as well as snorkeling equipment, itineraries and suggestions for island activities. Sailing has never been so simple.

Experience the convenience of an all-inclusive Tortuga Island cruise. Book now!
Subject: What To Expect On The MidWorld High Ropes Puzzle Course
(Posted on Nov 12, 2013 at 12:04PM )

los suenos costa ricaMidWorld is Costa Rica’s most exhilarating adventure park, and within it is a puzzle course that challenges both the mind and body.

This series of bridges, rappelling lines and climbing platforms attract guests from across the Central Pacific. It is one of Manuel Antonio's most popular options.

It’s not, however, an option for everyone.

The high ropes puzzle course is demanding. Riders are forced to swing, climb and pull themselves along several kilometers of cable. It takes a relentless hour to complete the tour, and every section proves tiring.

Every guest should be aware of this before reserving the course, recognizing their own strength, endurance and athletic abilities. It’s thrilling but taxing. Pregnant women, young children or those with physical disabilities (such as neck or back injuries) will not be allowed to compete.

Book a high ropes tour at MidWorld and expect to work for the prize. Those who complete the course will earn a place in adventure park history and create unforgettable coastal memories.

los suenos costa ricaAdventure is undeniable, but safety is paramount.

Travelers expect much from their vacations. They want the thrill of zip-lining through the canopy, the rush of ATVs and the awe-inspiring glimpse of a jungle waterfall.

They also, however, want their families to be protected.

That’s why they visit MidWorld.

MidWorld promotes safety. Its tours are carefully monitored by experienced guides and technicians. It blends double-pulley systems, automatic carabineers, harnesses, hand-controlled brakes and more for total security. Every activity, from the famed Superman zip Line to the challenging rope puzzle course, features the most up-to-date equipment and methods. This allows every Los Suenos traveler to explore the park in peace, flying high above the coast without fear.

Book a MidWorld tour today!

los suenos costa ricaTucked along the Quepos coastline is MidWorld, Costa Rica’s premier adventure park. Within it are a series of zip-line cables, puzzle courses and ATV trails, all tailored to family-friendly fun.

Without an early reservation, however, many travelers may find themselves unable to enjoy all of that fun.

MidWorld, with its exhilarating rides and incomparable setting, is one of the Central Pacific’s most popular destinations. Every day sees the arrival of countless travelers, all wanting to sample its canopy thrills and deep sea adventures. Those with reservations are able to enter the park immediately. Those without them, however, are forced to wait for hours or are turned away entirely.

Understand that MidWorld offers some of Costa Rica’s most exciting outdoor activities, and Los Suenos crowds flock to experience them all. Be prepared by reserving tours at least two months in advance. This is the only way to guarantee admission and great memories.

Book a MidWorld excursion today!

los suenos costa ricaExploring Manuel Antonio National Park is the dream of many travelers. Fewer things can end that dream faster, however, than forgetting to reserve a tour.

Manuel Antonio is a carefully protected stretch of land. Within it are delicate ecosystems and endangered creatures, making it a favorite of nature-enthusiasts across the globe.

Only 800 of those enthusiasts can enter the park each day, however.

Manuel Antonio imposes strict limitations on its guests. Preserving the park’s unique bio-sphere is no easy task, especially with so many individuals trekking in from Los Suenos and Jaco. It becomes important, therefore, to keep the daily numbers low and manageable.

And this is why reserving a tour is imperative. Travelers should book every excursion - whether rafting, horseback riding, fishing or bird-watching - in advance to secure their places in the park. They may not be admitted otherwise.

Book a tour today to guarantee a visit to this wondrous place.

los suenos costa ricaThe Los Suenos Resort is famed throughout the world for its world-class amenities and luxurious accommodations. It also, however, boasts a premier location, allowing nature-lovers to explore the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Manuel Antonio National Park is a Central Pacific treasure. Over 150,000 travelers visit its diverse landscapes - which include coral reefs, mangrove canals, dense jungles and soft-sand beaches - each year. Within it are an estimated 109 mammals and 184 exotic birds, making it one of the world’s most dynamic biospheres. 

And it’s a quick drive from the Los Suenos Resort.

Guests of the resort can now leave their Costa Rica rental homes and explore the wild. Travel into 7.656 square miles of nationally protected acreage. Discover hiking, surfing, zip line tours, parasailing and more. The possibilities are endless, and they’re all waiting just beyond the Los Suenos marina. Less than two hours separates guests from the outdoor fun they want.

Book an exclusive Manuel Antonio National Park tour today!
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