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los suenos costa ricaDivers, rejoice!

Manuel Antonio National Park promises blue water, white sand and a vast network of reefs and tidal pools. Discover them all today!

Sport fishing and family-friendly activities tempt travelers to Manuel Antonio, and there’s little doubt as to why. This reserve is among Costa Rica’s premier destinations, hosting diverse terrains and exotic creatures.

Those craving ocean explorations, however, will also find much to celebrate here. The park is home to four spectacular beaches - Manuel Antonio, Espadilla Sur, Telora and Playita - and each offers access to endless inlets and coves. It’s a diver’s paradise, offering some of Costa Rica's best scuba opportunities.

Manuel Antonio is famed for its natural beauty. Expect nothing less from its beaches, with a wealth of coral and iridescent fish to find. It’s a hidden world that will thrill and inspire.

Visit Manuel Antonio National Park for an experience like no other. Charter a ship to sail along the coast or secure a vehicle in Los Suenos.
Subject: Take An ATV Tour Through Manuel Antonio National Park
(Posted on Dec 16, 2013 at 10:51AM )

los suenos costa ricaManuel Antonio embraces all terrains.

It’s only to be expected, therefore, that visitors will embrace all-terrain vehicles.

Charter an ATV tour through Manuel Antonio National Park. Rely on seasoned guides, as well as carefully maintained four-wheelers, to lead you through a maze of jungle paths, waterfalls and suspension bridges. Explore lush miles, learning the region’s local flora, fauna and history. Discover abandoned plantations. Wind through rural villages. Seek out the Pacific coast. There is much to see.

Manuel Antonio is among Costa Rica’s most popular destinations. An ATV ride, therefore, is a wise option, allowing you to avoid the crowded corners. Travel deep within this reserve to find secluded wonders instead.

An ATV excursion is the perfect complement to any sport fishing tour or family vacation. Reserve this option today!

Be certain to book accommodations in Manuel Antonio as well, providing yourself with luxury and comfort after every ride.
Subject: See The Mangroves Of Manuel Antonio National Park
(Posted on Dec 15, 2013 at 08:12AM )

los suenos costa ricaDiscover a hidden world in Manuel Antonio.

Tucked just beyond this national reserve is Damas Island, a series of wetland woods and mangrove canals. It is extraordinarily beautiful, rivaling the Los Suenos coastline with its towering trees and brilliant flowers. Exotic creatures - such as collared anteaters, white-faced monkeys, herons, sloths and iguanas - dot the shoreline, while fragrant fruits hang high above the water. It’s a sensory experience that leaves guests breathless.

A Manuel Antonio mangrove tour is the perfect compliment to any sport fishing trip or family vacation. Each excursion is led by seasoned guides, ensuring total safety and efficiency. The boating options are environmentally friendly, and the services are all-inclusive.

Choose this option while traveling through the Central Pacific to find spectacular scenery and natural wonder.

Contact Costa Rica Vacations to reserve a Manuel Antonio mangrove tour today!
Subject: Take A Sunset Sail In Manuel Antonio National Park
(Posted on Dec 12, 2013 at 03:41PM )

los suenos costa ricaManuel Antonio, despite its jungle interior and mountain shadows, is an ocean-lover’s paradise. Flanked by miles of beaches and coves, this reserve tempts anglers and surfers alike. Its waves are high and its depths beg to be explored.

A sunset sail, therefore, is an obvious addition to every vacation.

Experience the Pacific in style. Charter a ship in Manuel Antonio, following the coastline toward Biesanz Bay. There discover spectacular reefs, algae-drenched shelves and a wide array of marine life. Spy dolphins, whales and manta rays from the comfort of a luxury catamaran. Indulge in local wines and delicacies. Let seasoned crewmen detail the region's history, and should the weather prove favorable sink into the water, discovering world-class snorkeling and diving opportunities.

The Manuel Antonio sunset sail is ideal for families, fishermen and eco-tourists. Expect to be enchanted.

Click here to reserve a tour!
Subject: Go White Water Rafting In Manuel Antonio National Park
(Posted on Dec 11, 2013 at 07:40AM )

los suenos costa ricaManuel Antonio is a haven for water enthusiasts. Its endless inlets, coves and canals promise adventure for all - offering exceptional fishing, kayaking, diving and surfing. It stands as Costa Rica’s premier park, and within its many acres are fresh and salt water wonders.

Those wishing for a pause in their fishing trips and crocodile tours should, therefore, visit Manuel Antonio for a rafting expedition.

Manuel Antonio offers some of Costa Rica’s best white water opportunities. The Savegre River (noted for its Class III rapids and striking scenery), the Naranjo River (noted for its Class IV rapids and canyon runs) and the Damas Canals (mangrove lanes) all provide exciting twists and turns. They lead guests through the park, taking advantage of the dynamic coastline for miles of swells and breaks.

White water rafting is an ideal addition to any fishing tour or surfing lesson. These daring trips allow families to take on the wilderness - with help, of course, from seasoned guides. They’re can’t-miss experiences.

Book a rafting adventure today!
Subject: Take A Zip Line Tour In Manuel Antonio National Park
(Posted on Dec 10, 2013 at 11:26AM )

los suenos costa ricaManuel Antonio is famed for its natural beauty. Travelers flock to its jungle paths and saltwater shores, devoting every day to exploration. There are many wonders to find - and the best way to find them is on a zip-line.

Sail through Manuel Antonio on one of its many zip-line tours. The park offers a variety of cable options, allowing guests to reach high speeds and spectacular heights.

Gain a bird’s-eye view of the Savegre River, the Damas Esturary, the Carra Reserve and more. Watch as deep-sea fishermen hunt Marlins along the coast of Playa Del Rey. See divers and surfers playing in the Gulf of Nicoya. The possibilities are as endless as they are enchanting.

A zip-line tour through Manuel Antonio is a worthy addition to any Los Suenos vacation. Between Pacific charters and island adventures schedule a thrilling ride through the canopy. These are safe, family-friendly options. Expect exceptional views and daring speeds.

Click here to reserve a tour today!

los suenos costa ricaWaiting eleven kilometers south of Quepos is Playa Del Rey - where fishermen, surfers and snorkelers alike can experience true beach beauty.

This Manuel Antonio option is a breathtaking stretch of coast, boasting golden sands and lush tree-lines. It’s a remote destination, tucked away from the more popular Playa Mantapalo or Playa Dominical. This makes it an ideal retreat for deep sea enthusiasts. Expect plentiful fishing, coral coves and consistently strong waves.

Playa Del Rey is unlike other Manuel Antonio beaches. It lacks the endless rows of shops and seaside cafes, and many travelers overlook its empty shores. Those craving Pacific adventures, however, are certain to be pleased. Fish, swim, surf and more!

Click here for a list of Manuel Antonio charters.

Click here for surfing and diving lessons.

los suenos costa ricaThe quest for rapids leads many rafters to Costa Rica. This tiny country boasts a network of rivers, inlets and mangrove canals. It's a blend of fresh and salt water, leaving the entire shoreline drenched. 

It’s the Central Pacific region, however, that offers the best white water rafting.

Travel just beyond Los Suenos and find the Naranjo River. This fifty mile stretch of canyons and sharp banks offers exceptional thrills. It’s Class III and Class IV rapids send riders flying through every gorge, and its spectacular setting in the Talamanca foothills can’t be denied.

The Naranjo River is perfect for experienced riders or those wanting to master white waves. While it’s a difficult river to navigate, seasoned guides and safety gear make it suitable for even the most novice rafter. Discover fast currents and daring maneuvers on this exciting charter.

Book a Naranjo River tour today!

los suenos costa ricaA Naranjo River tour tempts the most experienced rafters with strong rapids and daring turns. Those same rafters need more than a paddle and a smile, however. They instead need a checklist of essential items.

Before sailing from the Los Suenos Resort, be certain to pack:

Close-toed shoes

Shorts and short-sleeve shirt if rafting during the dry season

Pants and long-sleeve shirt if rafting during the rainy season

Waterproof camera


Any medication or prescriptions

Extra clothes (changing rooms are available once the ride is over)

Contacts or secured goggles
An all-day adventure of the Naranjo River promises exceptional rapids and exceptional fun, but only if travelers are prepared for it. Utilize these options for any charter tour.
Subject: Choose An All-Inclusive Naranjo River Tour
(Posted on Nov 25, 2013 at 09:58AM )

los suenos costa ricaNavigating the Naranjo River requires more than an indomitable spirt, though that certainly doesn’t hurt. It also requires an all-inclusive tour, allowing riders to focus on white-water thrills instead of dull details.

An all-inclusive Naranjo River tour provides rafters with everything they need to have an unforgettable experience. Each excursion is led by seasoned guides. Safety equipment - such as life preservers, helmets and even a rescue kayak - is provided, and all riders are given demonstrations of how to properly use every item. Meals and snacks are included, and transportation can be easily secured from Los Suenos or Manuel Antonio.

This streamlines the vacation process, letting every rafter enjoy themselves instead of fretting over where to go, what to do and how to get there. Exploring the Pacific coastline is now easy.

Book an all-inclusive Naranjo River tour today!
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