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los suenos costa ricaThe Los Suenos Resort tempts travelers with its spectacular views and world-class attractions. It also, however, offers them endless adventures, and none prove more exciting than the nearby MidWorld Park.

MidWorld Park offers exhilarating cable courses and ATV tours, making it the premier destination for family fun. It’s also close to Los Suenos, keeping all of that family fun within a quick drive.

Travel an hour and half from the resort, passing through Manuel Antonio National Park, the charming city of Quepos and even the costal town of Jaco. MidWorld is just beyond them, tucked along Damas plantations and lush forestry. It’s an easy trip, with signs leading the way. Be certain to secure a vehicle with four-wheel drive, however, since the park is found off the main road and conditions may be bumpy. 

Discover what waits beyond the Los Suenos marina. Book a MidWorld tour today!
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