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Subject: Book A Pacific Bungee Tour Online
(Posted on Nov 29, 2013 at 09:25AM )

los suenos costa ricaPacific Bungee opened in 2007. Since then it has hosted over 10,000 jumps, with thrill-seekers flocking to its water touchdowns, swinging cables and innovative night tours. It stands as one of Jaco’s most dynamic options.

It’s also one of its most popular, and that can prove problematic for jumpers who don't have reservations.

Every day Pacific Bungee sees the arrival of countless Los Suenos tourists, all wanting to defy gravity. Long lines form at the famed Big Swing and Rocket Launcher, with individuals clamoring for high speeds and intense plummets. Those arriving with reservations can avoid these lines. Those arriving on a whim, however, are often forced to wait. Hours can be wasted watching other people free-fall against a Pacific backdrop, and the afternoon can end without a jump.

Avoid this fate. Book a Pacific Bungee tour online and in advance today!
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