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Things To Do Costa Rica

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los suenos costa ricaThe need for speed is undeniable, which is why an ATV tour in Costa Rica becomes such an appealing option. This is no simple stroll along the beach. This is instead an exhilarating ride.

Choose a Los Suenos ATV tour!

Travel down the coast on an ATV. Venture from the Los Suenos resort and into stunning Jaco. There experienced guides - all bilingual and well-versed in ATV mechanics - will lead guests into the wild. The terrain surrounding Jaco blends beaches with forest trails, creating dynamic driving. Explore Costa Rica’s many secrets with an adrenaline-pumping tour. Most last between two to three hours, maintaining high levels of excitement.

All ATVs boast automatic transmission, making them easy to master. Four-wheel drive is standard and proves perfect for the shifting trails. Safety lessons are also provided before any Los Suenos ATV trip begins, helping even novice riders achieve total control. This is an ideal tour for families and speedsters alike.

Discover Costa Rica beyond the deep sea charters and sunset rides. Book an ATV tour today!
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