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Things To Do Costa Rica

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manuel antonio beach costa ricaManuel Antonio has inspired many namesakes. None please water enthusiasts more, however, than Manuel Antonio beach.

Tucked within the national park, Manuel Antonio is a popular option for travelers who crave pristine coastlines and deep waters. This beach rests on the Pacific, its rock formations and reefs shielding it from the region’s traditional breaks. This creates ideal snorkeling and swimming conditions, with concerns of rip-tides or swells virtually eliminated.

The undisturbed shore is flanked by Manuel Antonio National Park, providing up-close encounters with the local flora and fauna. This is perfect for families, fishermen and eco-tourists alike.

Manuel Antonio beach is one of Costa Rica's premier locales. Expect heavy crowds during the dry season, therefore, and be willing to travel away from the main entrance to find a secluded spot.

Contact Costa Rica Vacation for more information about the beaches in Manuel Antonio. Ask us also about our accommodations and charter tours.
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