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Subject: What To Bring On A Manuel Antonio Sport Fishing Tour
(Posted on Jan 20, 2014 at 03:24PM )

manuel antonio costa rica fishing tripManuel Antonio offers exceptional fishing throughout the year.

The success of a charter tour relies on more than Marlins and Snooks, however. Instead proper planning is needed, with travelers bringing the appropriate items onboard.

Create a list for every Manuel Antonio sport fishing trip and be sure that it includes the following:

Close-toed shoes - sandals or flip-flops may slip on a ship deck. Choose options like sneakers or boots for more security.

Sun Protection - always bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat on a fishing trip. Exposure to Costa Rica’s consistent heat can result in burns, peels or other problems.

Water - dehydration is a concern on charter ships, due to the high temperatures and lack of shade. Always bring water and drink steadily throughout the trip.

Fishing License - always have a fishing license available, should charter captains or crewmen wish to verify it.

Seasickness Medication - even experienced fishermen can become suddenly ill. Always bring medication to combat seasickness.

Remember these items when planning a Manuel Antonio fishing trip.

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