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Things To Do Costa Rica

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damas island costa ricaDamas Island promises adventure for all Manuel Antonio travelers. Families, fishing enthusiasts and eco-tourists alike flock to this collection of canals, expecting exceptional scenery and thrilling water sports.

Before arriving to the island, however, all guests must remember to pack the proper items. Create a checklist and never enter Damas without:

Comfortable Clothing

High humidity and summer temperatures can prove daunting in Damas, Travelers should, therefore, choose comfortable clothing. Replace heavy denim and hiking boots with breathable fabrics and soft soled sneakers.

Insect Repellent

Damas, like the rest of Costa Rica, is famed for its insects. Spray on a high-grade repellent before arriving to the estuary and apply liberally throughout the day.

Skin Protection

Though Damas boasts many shaded areas, guests should expect some sunny spots. Plan accordingly with wide-brimmed hats, sun lotion and sunglasses.

Waterproof Luggage

The most common way to travel through Damas is by kayak. Bring a waterproof bag or pack, therefore, to keep all items securely stored.

A trip to Damas is undeniably thrilling, as long as travelers are prepared.

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