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Subject: Explore Costa Rica On The MidWorld Superman Line
(Posted on Nov 5, 2013 at 12:13PM )

los suenos costa ricaExotic birds no longer reign over the Costa Rican sky. Instead travelers from across the globe can experience the thrill of flying, all from the comfort and safety of Central America’s longest cable line.

Explore the rain-forest on MidWorld’s Superman Zip Tour. This exhilarating ride allows guests to soar through the canopy on a one kilometer line. The cable is suspended over 300 feet above the ground, with its unique double harness design allowing riders to achieve high speeds. Exceeding 50 miles per hour is common. 

Such a fast pace is undeniably exciting. MidWorld’s Superman Tour offers more than thrills, however. It also promises spectacular scenery. Found within Manuel Antonio National Park, one of Costa Rica’s premier destinations and tucked just beyond Los Suneos, this Central America zip line has sweeping views. Lush forests, mountain peaks, coastal curves and more are all visible. Riders will find themselves immersed in nature.

And that makes every trip as beautiful as it is daring.

Discover an adventure like no other. Book an exclusive MidWorld Superman Zip Line Tour today.
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