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los suenos costa ricaExploring Manuel Antonio National Park is the dream of many travelers. Fewer things can end that dream faster, however, than forgetting to reserve a tour.

Manuel Antonio is a carefully protected stretch of land. Within it are delicate ecosystems and endangered creatures, making it a favorite of nature-enthusiasts across the globe.

Only 800 of those enthusiasts can enter the park each day, however.

Manuel Antonio imposes strict limitations on its guests. Preserving the park’s unique bio-sphere is no easy task, especially with so many individuals trekking in from Los Suenos and Jaco. It becomes important, therefore, to keep the daily numbers low and manageable.

And this is why reserving a tour is imperative. Travelers should book every excursion - whether rafting, horseback riding, fishing or bird-watching - in advance to secure their places in the park. They may not be admitted otherwise.

Book a tour today to guarantee a visit to this wondrous place.
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